Warm Weather Vixen

Spring in the UK - pretty
I looked up the weather forecast in Port of Spain, Trinidad yesterday and it is forecast to have thundery showers for the next week. Compare this to the warmth and bloom of the London weather and I would swear someone is playing a joke on me. The weather really has been brilliant. I saw the family next door - husband, wife and four-legged son - sunbathing in the backyard 2 days ago and shorts and flip flops are everywhere.

It proved to also be a good sunny weekend for me as was evidenced by compliments from different people of the male variety especially, who commented that the sunny weather really flattered me and I looked so beautiful and glowing. I had to remind them that I am a child of the tropics and I was born in a sunny world. I feed off blue skies and sunshine and while any normal person feels better when the day is bright, for me, after a horrid first winter and 2 long semesters, I guess it just showed. As promised, I ditched the customary jeans outfit for dinner on Friday evening and wore a long summery sundress with a cute lightweight shrug and matching flip flops and accessories, and of course put the MAC and Sacha light eyecolours to work, so I had a fun, youthful and warm look. The reaction from said date was more than I expected, with compliments pouring like London rain, and based on this reaction, I applied similar mojo to my Saturday lunch date get-up. Friends, clearly winter and school life were deterrents to my love life...or at least to dating success! lol. Warm weather Vixen I am! (V for Vixen!)

Speaking of vixen, just indulge my feminine longing for a minute.  I have shared some photos of my recent trip to Bath and Cardiff with you in the previous entry but I forgot to share 2 awesome female sightseeing miracles.

We walked into Dune in Cardiff and there it was - the key to happiness, or at least to fierceness. I dreamt about this bag last night. The duo are a combined £190 - way beyond my student budget but one can live in hope. Very Vixen, don't you think?

Anyway, it is taking me an entire weekend to throw a couple sundresses, 2 pairs of flip flops, 2 pairs of jeans and some t-shirts into a suitcase. The inevitable But I might need this strikes again. Let me get back to that and some breakfast. Now I am not sure what rainy Trinidad is all about, but rainy Trinidad is still as good and better than the London "heatwave". Home is where the heart is, not where the heat is (though rainy Trinidad is still 10 degrees hotter than sunny London).


  1. Love reading about the Caribbean-esq weather you're having over there :) It actually hasn't been very rainy over here. I was up Blanchicheuse on Sunday and boy was it a perfect beach day :D. Yesterday and today were equally as hot, right now I'm basking in this AC wishing I had a swimming pool lol.

  2. It's late in the challenge but I'm glad I found your blog. Love the bag and shoes. Drooooooool!

  3. I picture a fashion shoot in a safari setting with that purse and shoes. Definetly not where one should wear them.
    Are you sticking around for the Royal wedding?


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