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So I can finally blog about my day on Tuesday. So to make a long story pretty damn short, I won a competition and ultimately won myself a chance to be on the set of the new T-Mobile UK ad.  For those who don't know about the T-Mobile UK ads, they are loads of fun. I cannot decide which one I like the most but getting the chance to be on set for the new one was something I was excited about.

Now I was under the impression that I was just going to be on set, and see how they did the whole thing and for a Communications postgrad, that in itself is exciting. Little did I realise, I was going to be IN the damn thing. lol. When lovely Charlotte called me and told me to dress up in my "Sunday best", I was like "say what?"

Needless to say, the trininista is always prepared and despite being away from home, I did manage to throw a couple frocks in my bag while packing how many months ago, so I did in fact have an item which could be aptly described as "Sunday best". And despite all my quarrelling about no heels in London, I do in fact have a pair with me. I would never leave home without a pair of heels. AS IF!

Charlotte would not divulge much about the location, the concept, what I was going to be doing - nada. It was all pretty 007, and I showed up at the meeting point, which was not the set, and had no clue what I was getting myself into. I figured if I was in a silly purple dress, with a rose hair accessory, and heels, in the middle of rush hour morning - a dress which was more Caribbean than Britain, and on a cold English day, I was hopefully going to be indoors.

Furthermore, Sunday best typically means a) a church or b) a fancy schmancy dinner. The next stop was in fact a hall, where I assumed we would be for option B, but nope - just briefing. It was so clandestine, you would not believe. Not a peep from anyone. Zero. Nada. Rien.

There were probably about 80 other people there - all in fancy suits and fancy dress and hats. I loved the ladies in their hats. All sizes, all colours. Some of these gals took this thing really seriously, coming with suitcases with different outfits and hats to make sure they looked right for the part so they could be caught on camera. I wondered whether I could pull off a hat and decided that yes, I could, cause I am fabulous.

My lovely rose hair accessory
The other lucky winners - all great people might I add - were also clueless, as were the other 80-odd people. We then underwent a cursory once-over by wardrobe, who politely decided who was fancy enough to stay in what they were wearing for the shoot or who would end up in what I would later call, the dreaded choir outfit. I passed the test, in my purple Caribbean dress and rose hairpiece, but they took poor Sonso away from me and I had no idea where they had gone with my friend until later. I could not stop laughing after seeing the expression on her face when I next saw her.

At the church. Yes...the church. The concept was more than obvious by then, but will let you see for yourself below. Keep in mind where I am and what people are looking forward to here. I still managed surprise and enthusiasm because really it was loads of fun, even after doing the same take a million times and acting surprised every time.  Also there was Louie Spence, who I imagine is a big deal here cause everyone was like "Is that Louie Spence?" - just thought I would put that in there although even after Googling the chap, still have no clue who he is, except that I assume he helped choreograph the scene.

But the company was good fun, as I sat with 3 gorgeous and funny boys, who made laughing and smiling throughout the shoot rather easy. The other extras (sorry...the politically correct term is support artist) were superb and it was a good day out for the oft-frazzled postgrad. And while my classmates were pulling hairs out over their proposals, I was standing and smiling on cue, and later posing for photos, with "royalty".

The ad is not as great as the others they have done and I expected more actually, especially after all the secrecy and hype, but the fun factor was high for us there on the day. I can put that on my list of fun London moments.

Never a dull moment in trininista-world! Here is the ad, which was released today and which is why my code of silence is finally broken. You can see the edge of my dress but that's all and I am pretty happy with that. I am not a tv star!


  1. Wow and wow! Super great! I am so happy for you :-)

  2. It was fun....tiring and a bit repetitious but I can say I did it, you know?

  3. LOL I saw your dress immediately!! :) Cute and looks like it was fun to do!!


  4. That looks like a ton of fun! Congrats on winning!

  5. Very fun. It must have been fun doing this.

  6. How fabulous .. hubby and I watched it while watching our local morning news show .. it was fabulous and we were smiling enjoying the morning cheer!!! I heard you were part of it from the post on Facing 50 with Humour!!! xo HHL

  7. Popped over from Niki's, and so glad I did!
    Well done you! Great bit of fun.

  8. It looked like everyone was having a huge amount of fun. I see you commented on it being tiring & repetitious AND FUN ;)

    Congratulations on being selected for the ad!

  9. How fun!

    You should have popped out and waved at the camera.

    Or is that why there were so many retakes? lol....

  10. How exciting! The next best thing to being invited to the Royal Wedding would be being invited to a Faux Royal Wedding! Stopping by from SITS - Have a real, not faux, marvelous day in the spotlight!

  11. How exciting! The next best thing to being invited to the Royal Wedding would be being invited to a Faux Royal Wedding! Stopping by from SITS - Have a real, not faux, marvelous day in the spotlight!

  12. Oh, I bet that was fun! Your dress was cute, too :)

  13. How fun is that!!! Love it!!! What a neat memory!!


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