Impossibility... and Camera Emotions

It's been a long weekend, folks. I headed to campus on Friday, for an event that was clearly a waste of my time, and decided to make the most of the spring weather and take some London photos. Sadly, my bottle of water was not closed properly, and on the bus, the woman behind me said, Miss, your bag is leaking. Besides the fact that my bag was now a soggy, wet mess, my camera was also fully bathed in water.  I tried it up to yesterday and nada. My camera was gone.  But hope springs eternal.

The good news is that I have a replacement camera. My friend decided to give me his old one, which he was happy to get rid of, and I am now camera-happy once more. Friends are great!

The weekend was pretty good though. I had the most relaxing time - between meeting new friends, and having the best time over great Caribbean food, to spending a day yesterday cooking, watching movies and simply lying in bed, talking, then sleeping - it was a good weekend.

The bad news is, it is now Monday and I am almost 1200 words over the word count of my dissertation proposal.  I for Impossible!! Editing 1200 words out of an already abridged document will be a major challenge but one that will have to wait. I am going to take a shower and head to the mall - my eyebrows need to be threaded and no 1200 words can stop that from happening.

I also decided to pull out platforms this weekend and face the spring sun with style. Sure I looked good, but walking the length and breadth of London, chasing trains and buses in platforms is not fun. By the time I got to my last train, I pulled my ever trusty flat and comfy flip flops out of my bag and hobbled the rest of the way home. lol.. Will it stop me from bringing back another pair when I go home in a couple of weeks? Probably not. lol.

Photo challenge today - I do admit I am in a bit of a rush, but these are said platforms - both beauty and beast - and they fit in nicely with today's theme of lines. And these are my very first shots with "new" camera so will be testing it out over the course of the week. I will try to get some more shots later but 1200 words and neat eyebrows are priorities today.

SITS Photo Challenge - Lines and Repetition I

SITS Photo Challenge - Lines and Repetition II

And do you want a line of repetition? Here is my neighbourhood.

SITS Photo Challenge - Lines and Repetition III


  1. Nice shoes. All the best with the 1200 words and happy A-Z!

  2. Great shoes! Love that last shot of your repetitious neighborhood!

    The first shot in this post is really cool too! I'm so sorry your camera drowned but SO HAPPY that your friend had one to give you! What kind is it?

  3. Thanks Lynda. It's a pretty old camera. It is a Samsung Digimax U-CA5. Only 5megapixels but better than what I had yesterday, the Trininista Zeromax invisible, non-existent edition. I am glad he was willing to part with it. lol. In fact he was more than happy to give it to me since it is just sitting there. One man's trash is a Trininista's treasure!


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