Visiting the Queen and Rocking the Runway

In all the time I have been here, I had not yet been to Windsor.

Now you know I have a special relationship with the royal family, having been part of the royal wedding earlier this year. I loved Windsor and I had a great time. Being in London all the time makes you appreciate everything outside of London even more, especially a town as beautiful as Windsor. The tour of Windsor Castle was amazing, and though we did not meet the queen (we called ahead and she said she would be out), being a lover of castles, this was fabulous to me. I especially loved the Royal Exhibition celebrating Prince Philip's 90th birthday.  No photography was allowed inside the castle I'm afraid but here are a couple shots from outside.

Truly a lovely day out. The weather was perfect (it was actually warm!), the sights were wonderful, and the company was fantabulous. :-)

And after weeks of anticipation, Project Runway hit the tv screens last night and Anya Ayoung-Chee showed the "horrified" Tim Gunn and the sceptical Michael Kors and Nina Garcia that she can keep up with the fashion Joneses. Though she admitted she only learnt to sew after applying to be on the show, she showed that one can do anything if there is enough determinaton and commitment. She not only silenced her critics but she was one the designers with the highest scores this week. Trini power!

I was so proud of her - she did well and her outfit was totally fabulish!

Photo credit: Project Runway/
Hope everyone has a great weekend planned? I will be dissertationing and trying to bring sexy back with a much needed visit to the salon. I may have to cut my hair off but anything is better than the dire straits it's in now - with hair falling out everywhere. Ugh. Depressing.


  1. Well, I'm sorry that the Queen slighted you and refused to change her plans. She sure missed out!

  2. I'm so jealous that you live in London and get to see all sorts of lovely castles!
    And I was so excited about Project Runway! Those pants were awesome!

  3. The pictures from Windsor Castle are breathtaking! Wonderful!

  4. now that the kind of back yard I'd like with all that green and those stairs nearly hidden, looking secretive.


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