Great Expectations - The Reasons for Dating

Dating - what is it really?

In Trinidad, I don’t think we really use the word  date. I grew up on American television and got used to hearing about kids dating but no one ever asked me out on a date. We went out on date like things – to dinner, to the movies, etc, but I never dated anyone. It was very much hanging out, liming, going out – not dating

In London, people date. It’s the same thing really (or is it?) but it takes some getting used to – dating. In any event, I don’t blog much about the dating activities here, or as I prefer the going-out activities. But it’s pretty fun – not always so much for the relationship building side but more for the entertainment value. I have been introduced to new people, new places, new things. It is a great way to discover the city and meet new people for sure. Maybe not so good for love-hunting, which typically is what dates are all about, isn’t it?

It’s pretty hard to meet people here, as I have indicated before (eyes glued to the smartphone syndrome is very real here) so when you do get thrown a bone, and after determining whether the bone is suitable enough to sniff and nibble on, you make the most of it.

Tonight, I am going salsa dancing with a cute and funny guy. Maybe he will not be Mr Trininista, but we will have a laugh, for sure, especially as neither of us has ever danced salsa in our lives. As I said, in this city, I have set my expectations for love-hunting pretty low, as people generally are so detached and dare I say, some are emotionally retarded, but when it comes to entertainment – my expectations are off the charts!!!

This may not bode well for the husband hungry relatives but it’s just dandy for me at the moment.I think that's why it's so fun for me, because I have stopped having great expectations


  1. We used not to date here either - it's pretty new, and we're not very good at it (emotionally retarded? Surely not?! ;-)) Gald you're having fun though, that is the main thing, and I think is always good to keep expectations in check - that way we just might be pleasantly surprised... D x

  2. Here in the States, dating is very much a thing. But it seems in recent years that people are too afraid to call a spade a spade, and now they mostly refer to it as hanging out.


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