(Un)Wired for War!!

My Sony Walkman
The war against weight gain is hard. Working out is hard. Working out is tedious. What can be worse than working out - besides not being able to enjoy a 6-pack of gourmet cupcakes without guilt?

Working out without music.

I had gone through quite a few MP3 players, via sweaty workouts, rainy workouts and MP3 player drops and spills. So when I was looking for a new one, I passed over the Apple group and looked for something cheap, practical and convenient.

I bought two players. The first was the Sansa Disk Clip+, which cost less than $US30 and is pretty sturdy. But the one I was really looking forward to getting was the Sony Walkman, which is a wireless, hardy, waterproof MP3 player. I love it so far. No more worrying about sweat totally screwing up my player, or rain destroying my investment. I also hate running with the headphone cords flying about, so this is perfect. I gave these headphones a test run this morning and I think the earbuds were too large as they kept slipping out of my ear. But have no fear - the player comes with Medium earbuds already "installed", but with Small and Large back up buds in the box, so I have changed the buds and will hopefully have a better experience with them tomorrow as I plan to burn off this Twix mini bar.


  1. I loved your last line. I need to get back to the gym since it gets dark early now and I left the gym far behind a year ago. (I'm terrible, I know.) The eating habits have gotten so incredibly poor and I really need to rein things in. So, while you run (and my very health-conscious cousin does too), maybe the two of you will shame me to get myself going again. I went from a 5 day/week gym rat to nothing in a year. Craziness. And P.S. Perhaps I should invest in the Sony Walkman. Would really appreciate an update about how things progress with the comfort and durability.

    1. I will let you know how it has been going with the Sony at the end of the week after I put it through its paces.

  2. Love it! I too can NOT work out with out music. It's way too boring!

  3. Way to go, girl! I've gotten used to the headphones but have been trying to run without music lately. It's not too bad.

  4. I don't think I've ever had a workout without music. I dunno what I would do!


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