Foodie Love - Pesto! Pesto!

Del Mano Shadon Beni Pesto
Photo credit: Del Mano
I just wanted to share my latest find.

This past weekend, we went to Upmarket, which is a very cool roving gourmet market. Needless to say, you are going to do things at such a thing

- Part with a lot of money
- Gain some poundage

I did both. I loved the variety of stuff, and it was pretty good stuff, including the awesome assorted gourmet cupcakes (I bought a six-cupcake box).

But I really loved the pesto guys from Del Mano! I loooooove pesto and so of course, I bought pesto. What I liked was their variety of pesto, which included roasted sweet pepper, watercress, shadon beni (similar to cilantro), roasted melongene (eggplant), traditional basil and I forget the other one. lol. We got the pepper and shadon beni versions.

I got home tonight, starving and tired and whipped up some pasta and roasted sweet pepper pesto. Nothing better, lemme tell you. It's also for lunch tomorrow, which means gym is mandatory in the morning. This weekend I will find other things to do with this awesomely delicious find, possibly paired with something from a grape. Vegetables and fruit servings - easy!!

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