Steam Room Magic

My own personal steam room - every day steam therapy!
Just got back from a weekend getaway in Miami. Well, besides the out-of-this world thunderstorms, the trip was lovely. I slept on the flight to Miami, and the flight from Miami and everywhere in between. So tired was I - this corporate life!!!

The best part of the trip besides spending time with friends?

Steam room magic!!!

I had booked my hotel around the same time I booked my flight about a month or so ago, and let me tell you, I made this hotel decision not on location, or cute pics but on the shower. The room came with a wonderful sauna type experience which every overworked corporate diva needs when on a much needed weekend away from stress and frustration. I swear, the relaxation that came after each steam bath was beyond description and priceless. I feel like a new woman.

Well until tomorrow.

Thank you to the wonderful staff at Hotel St Augustine, in Miami, not just for the exemplary customer service but also for the foresight in ensuring guests could have such luxuries (necessities??) mere steps away from their beds. Awesome!


  1. If I ever head in that direction any time soon, I'll keep this place in mind. Now, what could make this even more perfect would be a massage therapist waiting in the wings. (Or having the rub down before hand -- doesn't matter).

  2. I would love a steam room! how relaxin. Glad you had a safe trip!!

  3. That sounds incredibly awesome. And much needed for a corporate diva on break :)

  4. I wanted to have steam room in my own house too! Sounds great.. it's really magical I believe!

  5. Ooh ooh, I have to remember that! Usually I book with spa availability as a priority.


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