Hotel Hunting

Hotel hunting is a nightmare. I am one of those who just needs a clean room, with clean sheets, a shower and a working toilet, a tv (not always for watching but for background noise esp since silence is deafening to me), hot water and if you're really pushing me to the limit, a buffet breakfast. Does not seem like I am asking too much, right? Wrong. European hotels go for quaint, which can equal old furnishings, musty sheets, communal bathrooms. The last one - communal bathrooms - DEFINITE NO-NO. I shared a bathroom with my brother for years and that was cool, cause that's my brother and I love him. I did the communal bathing after Phys Ed classes in high school - traumatic by any standards. I shared a bathroom with my 60-odd dorm sisters for 2 years and a roommate/friend for another year while in university and that was going beyond my comfort levels. I am way past my youthful abandon years. I am paying for a hotel room. I am NOT sharing a bathroom with smelly tourists. I need my own private bathroom, in my room, at my convenience. I love the quaintness of a town or city and that's why I love Europe, but bring 2010 to my hotel room, please! I am not trying to wholly recapture the frickin' Renaissance. Call me anal, but yeah...some things are not up for debate!

Anyway, I have a shortlist of 4 hotels which meet the above requirements, which means I am improving steadily from vacation to vacation because it only took me a a dedicated 3 hours to come up with my shortlist, when I have gone past the 3 week mark in the past. I am just really picky about where I lay my head at night. I don't need 5-star luxury but when you read some of these reviews from guests, about bloody sheets, puke on the carpet etc, it can really give a girl nightmares. So I am happy with my selections thus far. Go me!

Now I'm hungry.

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