It doesn't look too appetising does it? They're multigrain rice cakes, with not a speck of sugar, but I love them and when I feel snack-ish, I grab one. To my credit, I have had a small Haagen Dazs in the freezer since Saturday and have not touched it yet. Too tired to eat? Maybe.

Yesterday I resumed weight training. It was not too bad. I had to keep looking for my trainer who was over-subscribed and that's not fun because I felt like a search-and-rescue dog after my sets. But the trainers are very personable and helpful.

I was telling a girlfriend just yesterday that so far I had been impressed by both the men and the women in the gym. The men, because none tried to pick me up, and the women for being serious about working out and not there to model and distract the staff.

I spoke too soon. First there was the girl in the changing room. Full makeup bag and there she was fixing her eyeliner and putting on powder and lipgloss. I rolled my eyes and thought this girl was a twat. Later, while I was sweating away on the elliptical I saw her gingerly step on the treadmill and I took in the outfit - short dark blue tights, with a glittery yellow belt (yes...a sequined yellow belt!!!), black training shirt, gold bangles and rings, hoop earrings. I mean, was she walking on the treadmill or the catwalk? And she was not even that hot. Actually she was pretty rugsy looking but hey, who am I to bash other people's self confidence? She lasted maybe 4 minutes strolling on the treadmill before she got up and walked aimlessly across the floor, texting on her cell phone. My God!

Then upstairs in the weight room, this dude who not only smelled like a hobo but looked like one too kept looking at me and smiling and then wherever I was, there he was. Dude...go away. And when I am pushing iron, I am not trying to focus on you focusing on me. It's really annoying.

I spotted runway princess in the corner leaning against one of the machines, chatting with a trainer and just being pointless.

I have been good though. I have not openly rollled my eyes at anyone or given anyone the eye or been sarcastic. I put on my music and go into my world, where contentment is queen! Despite the tiring effects on already tired limbs, it's the most relaxing part of my day.

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  1. Kudos on bringing back "twat." It's really a solid insult and I'd like to see it get more use.


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