The Season Finale that may change everything!!!

One of the highly anticipated events this week, if not THE most highly anticipated event, is not related to our local election or any global events. It's the season finale of Grey's Anatomy. I think I can safely say that women AND men here and around the world are eager to see who gets shot, who dies, who the shooter is etc. It's amazing how we can become so invested in television dramas. I see the Facebook updates and tweets about 24, Lost, Law and Order (its cancellation is a travesty) and of course, Grey's Anatomy.

Now I already review the Grey's episodes every week on Facebook for my friends and I to discuss (gotta love social networking) but now with all the hype, intrigue and excitement, there was talk of a Grey's finale party or after-party. Though it is too late now for a party during the show and I am not sure our hearts could take it, I found someone who has had a Grey's party and wow... I mean I love Grey's to no end, but nah...this is something I probably would not do. Creative though. Good idea if you really want to do a full blown theme party. I was just thinking along the lines of maybe some wine, some chicken wings and Kleenex.

In any event, in just over a day we will have the answers to all our questions and come Friday, we will either be devastated, relieved, stunned, or disappointed. Hoping there is no disappointment.

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