Weekend winners

I just sat and watched England put a hurtin' on Australia in the World Twenty20 World Cup final in Barbados. It was a great game and I was supporting the Barmy Army from the moment they qualified for the final, and then when it was decided that they would face the often dishonest Aussies, my support was confirmed. So congrats to them. But God, does my cricket captain and his band of hopeless men not feel a twinge of regret that I have to sit in my house, along with millions of other West Indians, and support a foreign team in the final? The absolutely dismal performance in that last game makes me wonder if they even care about the legacy left by the greats and the one they are leaving for the future generation of young WI players and fans.

Oh well. I washed my car this morning so that the girl would be reflected in her car - so did all the mats and gave it a thorough up and down, through and through, only to see thick dark rainclouds outside my window. Go figure.

This week is what I call finale week with season finales for some of my shows - Desperate Housewives, Brothers and Sisters and of course, Grey's Anatomy. The gang and I have been speculating on who the shooter and the victim(s) will be in the finale of Grey's and the excitement is building. And with Dell being given the kiss of death last week in the finale of Private Practice, chances of the victim being a key player are very good.

Oh, and yeah, there's work too. Can't forget that, can I?

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