The "IT" factor

Last night I got home and as tired as I was, I still managed to whip up a fat-busting lunch for today. Some stir fried spinach chock full of onions, garlic and natural herbs, some chicken, steamed then browned and yummified in the oven and because I knew I would surely pass out without a starch, I boiled a small potato and added a little cheese and creamed corn. It smelled great. Tastes amazing too.
Hopefully it will hold me over between now and end of gym time later tonight. God help me!

Now I have been enjoying the gym and when I eat the way I am supposed to eat, aka PROPERLY, I feel better as well. I too often fall in the rush hour trap - the trap where I am stuck in traffic and about to eat my hand, so I stop off at the nearest shop or outlet, or Bobo Shanti for something to save me from hunger mania. My meals now are more balanced and I have a snack in the car that is more in keeping with health, than junk in the trunk. But though Plus Size is apparently anything over a Size 6, making me a super mampie by anorexic model standards, I still think I am da bomb. Of course I have varying degrees of bombness. Some days I am nuclear warhead - unstoppable, hot, explosive - and some days I am maybe just a little home made fertiliser bomb. But all in all I think between God, my parents and my credit card, I do alright for myself.

This brings me to an article I read this morning that started:
“There is no such thing as an ugly woman … it’s all about how a woman packages herself.”

If this is not the truth, I don't know what is. I tend to try to not use the word "ugly" to describe people (but won't lie, sometimes I do, and worse) but especially with women. I lean towards words like "rugsy" or "nashy", which I have many times also applied to myself, especially after long flights, gym or tabanca. Nashy suggests that you just are not packaging yourself to the best of your ability; that you can shine like a gold penny if you made the effort, but maybe you just don't care for one reason or another, or are clueless, or as is often the case in my world, too tired to bother. But it's also about how the woman views herself and what she exudes - that "IT" factor that makes her unique and awesome. My "IT" factor is made up of a lot of different elements - my sense of humour, my sarcasm, my marshmallowyness when pushed, my independence, my smarts, my unique brand of crazy, my outspokenness. So even when I may not physically meet conventional standards, because hey, I have very early days almost everyday, so the smurf effect is not always a guarantee, I still have my personal mojo that works. It's true...people can really look past the superficial when your "IT" is way on!

And the article, written by a man by the way, went on to agree with me:
The women we call ‘Plain Janes’ are so used to being sidelined for hotter, beautiful women. In the end, most of these women up their self esteem and re-package their personalities giving rise to stimulating individualism. And when such refreshed individualism is pitted against her hot, superficial friends, they ooze sexual charisma even from sniffing distance. This woman’s sexuality runs deeper than surface mascara.

We all have our down days, our fertiliser bomb days. But we all have "IT". It's how you choose to demonstrate and own your "it"and work it, to the best of your ability. Your "it" is just another part of your selling proposition. So are you working your "IT"?

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