What on earth have Saturdays come to?

Aerobics - scary on so many levels.
I was up until after 1 this morning tinkering with the damn blog template and I am still not thrilled with it, but that's not the point. I had committed to going to the gym early so why on earth did I stay up so late?? When the alarm went off after 6, I cursed under my breath but still managed a quick shower and a change into battle gear.

I had decided to give the aerobics class a shot today. I used to avoid the aerobics class at one of my other gyms - avoid it like the plague. It seems as though that memory had been lost in the deep, dark recesses of my mind cause had I remembered the agony of such classes, I would never have put myself through the torture. Let me spell it out for you - I hate aerobics. I seem to always get the gay instructor whose aim in life is to 'mash up' women out of some past grievance against their sisters or female cousins for oh, I dunno...stinging them with their jockey shorts waistbands. This one was no different. It's not the keeping up part, but it's the showing off I cannot handle. The "I can do plenty fancy moves with such speed that by the time you catch on, I add another fancy move" showing off. But misery loves company and fortunately, with the exception of Superwoman in front of me, everyone else seemed to be just as aerobically challenged this morning. But for my first class in maybe 5 years, I managed to not catspraddle on the gym floor. Go me! But I think that will be my last class still.

Add an hour of equipment cardio to that, and you get Bad Hair Saturday. Jesus. And considering it was also a movie/lunch Saturday, this was unacceptable. This gym thing has its perks, like weight loss and conditioning, but it also wrecks any posibility of a good hair Saturday, the one day you can let the hair just wild out in the Trini breeze. Thank God for head scarves, caps and wigs for staving off disaster.

IronMan 2 was the focus of movie day and it was good for the most part. RDJ is one of those actors who totally overpowers any one else's star power, or maybe it was planned that way cause does anyone remember that Gwyneth Paltrow and Scarlett Johannssen were also in the movie? No. I should correct myself. The WOMEN in the movie were invisible. Just a couple pretty faces with no bite. Mickey Rourke was excellent and I hate to admit it, but Don Cheadles was a better Rhodey than Terrence Howard. Having gotten little sleep and then 2hrs of cardio this morning, one would not be surprised that I caught some quick winks. Then add the heat and running around in said heat to get that last minute Mum's Day gift, supplies for the Mum's Day lunch and it was just an awesomely tiring day.

I recall Saturdays when I used to be hot, in the fabulous sense. Where did those days go?

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