Racked with Calorie Envy

Life in heels and flip flops and ballet flats. I got home late last night and just crashed, with the tv watching me rather than me watching it. Woke up this morning, I just could not be bothered. Twenty minutes after the alarm went off to start another work day, I sat at the table idly eating some cereal and soy milk (yes, at 3am cause I had no dinner and was starving) as though I had nowhere to go; as though I did not have to take a shower, get dressed and get to work. Just sat there. Eating my multi grain cereal. It was hard this morning to get it together and as a result, I have no lunch, so I know I would have to brave both the rain and the Third World pavements to go find some in this hell hole of a city called Port of Spain. Thus...the ballet flats. Aren't they cute though?

Man, I can sure use a cheddar herb bagel with spinach cream cheese from The Great American Bagel. I have not been to the gym at all this week so this is probably not the best idea but wow...a girl can dream.

Now, as we are talking food and as I am supposed (emphasis on "supposed") to be planning an impending vacation, and I am not allowed, by order of my hips to even look at good food until July, let's talk vacation cuisine. Depending on where I travel, I can either get fatter or actually lose weight.

The US is just pigalicious. I mean, these people can eat and the massive portions of high caloric goodies are enough to send one's hips into shock. I truly respect the doggy bag concept when eating out in US cities. Truly. In my case, no trip is complete without some sinful ish from Cheesecake Factory. I had my pre-birthday dinner eating glorious crap like this.

Come to think of it, I have spent the past few birthdays in a CF. It's about time they give me gold membership!

London is a different story. They eat the weirdest things, and I have found myself living by Sainsbury's ready to go meals, or cooking for myself or being cooked for (that's the life!). Home style Caribbean cooking is where it's usually at in ole Blighty. Though to be fair, I love trying out the more colourful eating places - more of the ethnic type places. Thai food in London is off the chain and I managed to find a pretty damn good Italian place, with the help of an Italian, of course. But generally, London is not a deal breaker for the diet. Plus with all the running for buses and for trains, one cannot help but stay fit. I am so not used to this hustling thing, much to Londoners' annoyance. I am a Caribbean stroller or worse, a regular driver. In Trinidad, I drive everywhere. Maybe this is part of the problem. But the convenience is priceless. I love the city but I will never understand why everyone is always in such a hurry. Same goes for NY. Take a load off!

Paris is a healthy balance of both. I have not been able to bring myself to have croissants anywhere else after eating French baked goods. Flaky carb heaven! And les crepes! I loved ducking into roadside cafes like this one in Montmartre, to take a load off and take a nibble of something yummy.

French cuisine is not for the weak-hearted - literally and I will admit I am not a huge fan. But if you do partake of le cordon bleu, then exploring this absolutely marvellous city will help you take it right off. My day in Montmartre was like a spin class, but without the torture. You just have to explore the city on foot. I don't think there is any other way to really enjoy it. I got back home a bit trimmer than I was before I left.

Italy will be the biggest challenge cause anyone who knows me knows I looooove Italian food. This being the case, I will have to do a lot of walking...a lot! But I am up for the challenge.

Until then, I have ordered a treat for myself this week, despite my lack of cardio or weights this week. Friday will be good because of my end of week treat. I would make it all myself as I did below, but not this weekend. Too tired.

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