Vacationzilla - The Female Solo Travelling Beast

After hoping the damn ash cloud would have some impact on the capitalist minds of airline ticketers, and then seeing the exact opposite of what I expected, i.e. skyrocketing airfare as opposed to dipping airfare, I finally booked my ticket and vacation planning is officially underway. There are bridezillas and then there are vacationzillas. I am a Vacationzilla like no other. I mean, I know how to search out a deal and stress over planning to stick within a budget. Trust me, this process by itself is a blog!

And if one has got no cute, rich husband to fall back on, it all comes to dollars and cents - MY dollars and cents. While I embrace my independence and rock my "I glad I could just pick up myself and go" lifestyle, the money issues are all mine when it comes to planning that awesome vacation. So don't think I am overreacting when a rat's nest is trying to pass itself off as a 4-star hotel. My money has sense. I do budgets for vacations cause not only am I cute, but I am sensible and though I may joke about having to eat Crix for the next few months after vacation, I don't actually want to. I love me some Crix but let's get serious. There is life after vacay and it does not include Crix au gratin.

But looking forward to it. The vacation, not so much the planning, and definitely not the packing.

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