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During the week I am often so tired that I get by with basic coordination, where I don't have time to change handbags or I'm too worn out to wear the heels that go with a blouse. But there are those off days when laziness and convenience equal super diva, and today was the day, when everything fell into place on its own, and personified the saying that beauty is effortless. My glasses and my blouse, and my nails are also the same colour and this was not at all planned I swear. Of course this meant that when I hit the pavement this morning to go to the drugstore, I had to contend with the Third World Romeos,including those mandated to protect and serve, but it comes with the territory. Just too hot, I know...

Little do they know that I am in immense discomfort, having worked muscles that previously were on extended vacation until yesterday. I'm not quite sure why my shoulders are so painfully sore considering that my workout yesterday was lower body, but maybe it's residual pain from the day before. I dunno. In any event, today is rest day. Grey's Day! I never workout once there is a fresh episode of Grey's Anatomy and Flash Forward because I would be too tired to stay awake. I have started going on Friday's which for some might be insanity, but for me it makes perfect sense:

1. The gym is empty cause everyone else is drinking and liming
2. Empty gym means more access to the machines I want
3. Going out drinking means empty calories I can do without
4. Going out drinking means spending money on empty calories I can do without, when I can save that money to buy cute handbags and matching wraps

I am on a mission to get into my favourite grey pants by July. God help me, if I have to eat rice cakes and go to the gym on Sunday morning too, I will do it.

But... at least I am coordinated like no other.

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  1. You are seriously taking the weight thing with a vengeance. But, your entire body hurts when your body is off and on going to the gym when the routine continues throughout weeks, the pain shall disappear. I wish you all luck and, do not pay attention to any negativity.


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