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This is my debut post on this blog, so cheers! I will still be using my other blog of course, but this is for the stuff outside the realm of work. Please blogroll me if you do have a blog, or subscribe or bookmark me. You know you want to be here. You just know it!
So I guess I can announce that I started back hardcore working this week. With some info soliciting from Jillian, I signed up and I had my first gym day on Wednesday. Lots of expanding waistlines around me so I did not feel too bad, especially after I caught my reflection in the changing room and the sheer terror set in. I will still eat chocolates, but I may never eat a roti again.

Okay, let's be real. I will eat roti, but all things in moderation.

But I wanted to share this via a Facebook update yesterday, but somehow I felt it needed some attention. There was a young lady in the gym and the first thing that caught my attention was her general hygiene. Yes, she was in a gym and one sweats in a gym but damn. She needed an intervention. Then, and this was the part that floored me, she went to the locker to get her bag so she could shower and change (Hallelujah!). But there was a collective "NAH" from both the angel on the right shoulder and the cheeky cute devil on my left, as she pulled out the bag containing her drawers, soap, towel, makeup etc.

A so and so HI-LO plastic bag.

Now this is my thing. The gym membership is not cheap, so if you are rolling your eyes at me and suggesting that maybe she cannot afford a duffel bag, then un-roll them, please. I mean, with all the giveaways from bmobile and Digicel in recent times, to me everyone has some kinda bag. If not, there are lots of cheap shops where one can purchase a cheap gym bag. But to come in your branded Adidas sweat tights and expensive sneakers, with your panties in a Hi-Lo bag is just unacceptable.

Ladies, please...don't do it.

In any event, I am committing myself to aerobics this afternoon. God help me!


  1. I wish i could find an step aerobics class like the one I took in the 90's - I miss those!


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