My Evening in Pictures

So since my dog entry yesterday did not go down well with some of you (imagine how I felt having to see it live and in HD) I am not going to say much today. But besides fighting off the cold, I am also fighting academia and its impact on my life.


There are more of those wonderful books on the floor


I'll come to you, honey

Clearly this is a joke. But oh I wish. The real After...

Sad. And yes, I sleep next to my books every night. My books and my laptop. I roll over and they're there. My fluffy socks are usually on my feet but my toes were a bit hot. Shocker.

I am done with the books for tonight, and I am going to watch another episode of Jersey Shore now and remind myself that I am better off than most. Watching this show makes that so easy.

Mike "The Situation" and Jenni's cute doggie

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