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Photo courtesy Boo's Fan Page
A lot of people follow their fave celebrity on sites such as Facebook and Twitter, and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg recently started a Fan Page for his dog. But no pooch comes close to gaining my love as Boo has done.

CNN recently featured Boo, who has over 920,000 Facebook fans as "The Cutest Dog in the World" and Boo is not even a celebrity dog. He does not belong to the queen or to Obama. He is just a cute dog whose owner decided needed to be shared with the rest of the cute dog loving world. Thank you Boo owner person. We love him!

Boo and his best mate, Buddy
Photo courtesy Boo's Fan Page
Today is Boo's 5th birthday and he is asking not for personal gifts but for donations to Operation Smile, which raises money for kids born with cleft lips to get the simple operation that will give them beautiful smiles and the confidence to face the world. Boo has up to 6.04pmGMT raised $1,250.00 out of the $5,000 he has hoped to raise. That is pretty outstanding for a dog. And pretty darn cute. It has brought light to my grey day.

You can find Boo on Facebook and if you want to donate to Operation Smile on behalf of Boo, you can check out his Birthday Donation Page.


  1. Oh my gosh. That is a seriously cute dog. I almost can't handle the cuteness.

  2. Boo is absolutely gorgeous! I shall have to check him out...what a cute dog and a worthy cause.

  3. I know. I go look at his page everyday and he ALWAYS ALWAYS cheers me up. He is precious. I too cannot handle the cuteness Karen.


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