No Awesome Week is Complete Without a Date Chase

Much better time this week!
It feels like I have not been here in quite a while. Well, that's how it goes when you try to have a life. lol. And when you're a student. And all sorts of other reasons. I don't live to blog. I love blogging but I also love not blogging.

Where last week was really awful - even inducing tears - this week was much better, thanks for asking.

Firstly, my supervisor FINALLY emailed me back with feedback on my dissertation, or to be more accurate, the draft I sent her. Needless to say, the "A" on my chest is flashing in neon lights, buddy. She was very impressed with what I sent her so far and the road to completion is now seemingly short. Of course, I am anal and a bit of a perfectionist so what another person may view as a major victory, and I do agree it is a major victory, I will find some way to make it a chore. lol. To make sure it is PERFECT!

Anyway, with the disso news, I felt a bit less pressured and stressed and took some down time. I love London but I always enjoy being out of London for a few days as well. I am a bit miffed I did not take my camera with me as I should really know better. I think it never occurred to me to take it cause when I left the house it was pouring down, cold, grey, blech and my expectations for the rest of the week were probably very low.

However, there were some beautiful weather moments and we took advantage. The English countryside is truly beautiful, when it's sunny, I hasten to add. I spent one lovely afternoon at Virginia Water. Beautiful lakeside park. Lots of dog walking, which usually means lots of me going "awww...doggie". Sorry, I stole these photos but just had to let you know what I experienced.

The Cascade at Virgina Water. Absolutely stunning
Photo Credit: The Royal Landscape - Virgina Water

The Five Arch Bridge at Virginia Water. It is a beautiful view actually. Gorgeous
Photo credit: The Royal Landscape - Virginia Water

Also there was some kitchen love. I always love cooking, but it's always better when it's not just for myself. I think I am an awesome cook so being able to share the love is always great. And having the kitchen love reciprocated is even better, so the apple and blackberry pie - very good, much appreciated, totally consumed. lol. And when it's a man doing the reciprocating in the kitchen, it is a big deal!

I must also take you back to this entry and share a funny story with you, dear readers. Go on, read this entry...I will wait.

Okay, so I always moan and groan about the men-bots in London. Basically, the men here are not very responsive to eye tag, cause well...they never look away from the screens of their smartphones, iPads or Kindles. It's a total waste of time trying to look cute cause noone cares!! Anyway, I was coming back from a lovely evening, complete with drinks at Claridge's (yes, had to drop that in cause I may never go there again) with a long lost friend, and walking through Victoria station, waiting for my train. Of course, I had pulled off student gear and was looking rather cute - and thankfully so, cause Claridge's was not the original plan!

Date chase - who woulda thunk it?
Suddenly (cue dramatic music), this guy runs up to me, breathless, yet eager (too eager??) and introduces himself. To say I was confused would be the understatement of the year. The expression on my face had to have been a combination of fear, shock, and confusion. Was this guy high? Was I about to be mugged, I asked myself, as I clutched my handbag tighter, very much aware that all I had in it was 5quid and lipgloss. But hey, I bought that bag in a very nice store in Manhattan. You don't mess with a girl and her swanky handbag!

Anyway...back to the train station dude.Yeah...chasing after me. What the hell? I have been in this country way too long cause the mere fact that a man, a Londoner no less, would even speak to a strange woman, much less, chase her down in a train station to talk to her, was mind boggling to me. In any event, after I asked him a few times whether he was sober and why he was chasing me, he said he saw me walking past, thought I was incredibly stunning, beautiful, gorgeous etc etc, and wanted to ask me out. As "luck" would have it, we were even going the same way and he followed me on to the train. Stalker or just enthusiastic? Well, you can rest assured, I am alive today as me typing this entry clearly indicates, so I would say "enthusiastic". We did have quite a nice chat on the train and the dude is quite normal, as far as I could tell. How did the story end? Wouldn't you like to know! lol.

Yes. The fun never stops here!


  1. I think it's romantic and sweet...already imagining your wedding :)

  2. hahaha. you crack me up! But I think he should get some kudos for his bravery :-)
    This week was awful for me as I was on sick leave but the tide seems to be turning and I am actually able to sit up for longer than 10 mins. This bank holiday weekend will be spent catching up on the work I couldn't do during the week though.
    Well done on a fab first draft dissertation!

  3. Great job on your dissertation. Glad you've had a much better week than last. Loved the link back to the other blog...have wondered myself (very recently, like 15 minutes ago in writing) about people & their attire.

  4. Now I'm curious and expecting the next post! And I think it is indeed romantic!

  5. How romantical!!!! Awwww! He seems like a sweet guy, although slightly scary at first. LOL

    Keep us updated!

  6. "they never look away from the screens" hahaa... this made me laugh so hard!

    This is awesome! Was he cute? Date? Details!!

  7. Anon - wedding??? lol

    CP - Honey, I hope you are feeling better. I am glad I can make you laugh though.

    KK- Once that disso is out of my hands, I may do cartwheels in Trafalgar Square!

    Claudia - OMG. I feel like I have not visited your blog in ages. I am sorry. I will be a better blogmate!

    Trianna and Elle - he was cute, very nice and he gets a date just for being an awesome Londoner. He has to!! This almost never happens here. Gotta reward the guy's bravery! lol. It may be the first and last date but it should be interesting if nothing else

  8. So sweet!!! I want details too... did you exchange numbers, saliva??

  9. LOL. No saliva was exchanged in the making of this entry! lol

  10. Congrats on finally getting some down time. And congrats on the new guy! Can we get more details? He seems really nice...but more details please! Have a great weekend!

  11. Congrats on your dissertation & the guy =]

  12. Whoa! Startling to be sure but flattering at the same time. I really hope to read a follow up post on this. And now I have to read the other post you waited patiently for us to read but I skipped ahead and finished this one first. I had to know what happened!

  13. Congratulations on the good feedback from your dissertation.

    And that chance meeting sounds so delicious! I hope this story has a good ending!


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