Hoppilicious Saturday!!

I love sleep!
Disclaimer: The views expressed in this blog entry are mine and are not meant to be offensive. I just like a good laugh on a Saturday morning. If you are, or know anyone to whom this post may directly refer, please don't hate me. Well, you can, but I won't really care.

The past couple days I have been totally busted. I had not slept for 2 days straight and was focused on my dissertation, trying to make a serious dent in it so I could enjoy my weekend without regret. When my head touched down on the pillow this morning, it was like God himself had tucked me in.

So I passed through my friend's house-warming party last night (on no sleep...talk about fun times!) and let me just say, she should have a house-warming party every week, not because it was a slammin' party but because they cleaned the house for the event. Or maybe I should say, she had to clean the house for the event. You remember....THE HOUSE.

Though I did not stay long, one highlight of the evening was this dude I met. Now, don't get excited - it's nothing like that. But while having casual conversation with this dude, I asked him what he did for a living. The answer he gave me prompted to ask whether he was kidding me about 20 times within the next 60 minutes, cause I could not believe what this dude was telling me.

He plays hopscotch for a living.

I kid you not. The dude plays HOPSCOTCH for a living. In case you need a reminder or a lesson in what hopscotch is - click here.

Hopscotch - traditionally a girl's game

It is an actual sport, and there are actual tournaments. I had to ask him to break it down for me. His day. I mean, in a previous life, I would wake up, get showered and dressed in work clothes, sit in an office or go to meetings, aka work, from 8-4. This dude does the waking up and showering part, but goes to train for hopscotch and participates in hopscotch tournaments. How does one train to play a game that kids play in the street? I have not played hopscotch in eons but from what I remember, it was not that hard. I asked him if he was a hopscotch champion and he said he wasn't...but he is training to get there. I kept a straight face, I swear. It's good to have a goal!!! But I mean, if you're going to chat up girls, at least be a frickin' hopscotch champion or world record holder or something. (snicker)

I thought after this post, that I had heard and seen it all but this one really won me over. I wonder how many girls he wins over with that one? Not that I am that shallow...okay, I am...but having a boyfriend that hops in and out of chalk boxes for a living really creeps me out. lol. But just to be fair,  and I am being really genuine and honest now, because I know you are probably saying horrible things about me (she's mean, she's shallow...what a turd!) the guy was really super nice and had a warm personality, and was good fun. And seriously, the guy is doing what he wants. He is not slaving over a hot computer at some job he hates, is he? So there is something to it, I guess. So I guess I can recommend hopscotch players as prospective dates? Not for me, of course.

Oh, the things I share with you readers. I am sure you sometimes think I make this stuff up!


  1. Wow. Like you say, good that he is doing something he enjoys, but really, is it possible to make money playing hopscotch? When you are not even the champion?? Laughing at the idea of introducing him to your friends, as a boyfriend: *elbow in the ribs* "Can't you just say you're an accountant or something?"

  2. God, I know. I would be too embarassed to introduce him to my friends, esp my male friends. I mean, I never played hopscotch with a boy growing up. It was always something the girls did. Can you imagine bringing him home to a house full of Premier League lovin', cage fight watching, track running dudes and telling them he is an aspiring hopscotch champion??

    *die* lol.

    I am not sure how he makes money. I think I was too stunned to ask. Or just totally so floored and convinced that he had no chance in hell that it did not even matter. lol.

  3. I never knew one could Hopscotch for a living.

  4. Wow hopscotch, that's new guess we keep learning. I would be afraid people will laugh at him since I just did.

  5. I am torn between admiration, confusion and a secret jealousy-what a great job...but he had to be kidding, didn't he?

  6. That is HILARIOUS! I can't imagine taking him seriously either.

  7. Honestly, my first thought was, wow, that's cool. I really admire people who can follow their bliss and not worry about what the world thinks. And honestly, it has to be better than sitting in an office every day. Of course, I'm curious to know how much money one can make at hopscotch, but either way, I think it's cool. If he has a British accent, can you hook an American girl up? ;-)

  8. Wow. There is something to be said for doing what you love...but that's crazy. How on earth does he make money? Part time job? I might lead with that to a new acquaintance and ease into the hopscotch bit.

  9. I had to google "adult hopscotch championship" - no joy. Props for a dude following his passion, if, indeed that's what it is. Also makes me what kind of 'hopscotch ladies' are out there for him, however. You have to have common interests besides each other. I mean - at least I can earn money for drinking wine without being a champion at it! :)

  10. waaait seriously? i guess you could introduce him as a professional...athlete???

  11. Seriously!? Hmmm, well this is a first. I'm glad you're the mature one and didn't laugh uncontrollably when he dropped this on you. Cuz I find this hilarious! Happy Sunday Funday linky girly :-)


  12. My God... I really thought I'd heard it all, but clearly I did not. LOL!! Well, yes... at least he has goals, but I'm with you. Not sure how seriously I could take someone who plays hotscotch either :p


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