The Agony and the Ecstasy: Roman adventures continue

Yesterday I was a tourist on speed. By the time I got home, I could barely walk, so much so I took the elevator to my room, rather than climb 10 steps. My feet are really suffering on this trip. Being flat footed means my feet are usually problematic. Having poor circulation adds to that. Add mucho walking and intense heat to an already bad situation and it has been the worst part of my vacation. I packed a few different pairs of tourist-appropriate shoes, which in the past worked fine but after trying, swapping and failing,  today I left the hotel wearing my shower flip flops. Between wearing those and really taking it easy today with the walking, it was a much more enjoyable day today.

I also did not want to get back to my hotel looking like roadkill, and scaring the staff and guests, so really relaxed today.  Sometimes I go on vacation and want to see everything but it is just not possible. Today, I sat on terraces, strolled, met people, and most importantly, my hair held up, and I did not look like a shiny blob. Lol.

Spent part of the morning in the Colosseum. Roman architecture never fails to amaze me. I walk through this city and everything is larger than life, and breathtaking.  Today was the day for all my expectations to be surpassed. Noone told me the Trevi Fountain was so fantastic. I mean, sure you see it in mags or movies but what an incredible piece of work. But it was the Pantheon which just did it for me today. Larger than life, and stunning. I sat inside and just took it all in for half hour, from the incredible dome, to Raphael's tomb - beautiful.

I think I have had all the water in Italy by now. The heat is intense, and water and Jesus continue to deliver me, for at every chance, I ducked into a church, an oasis of coolness and a good spot to take a load off, refer to one's map and not be scared that someone will nick your wallet. Like every European city I have been to so far, there are the guys who sell knock offs on the street, or souvenirs, or beg, or try to scam you or rob you. My breakfast mate yesterday told  me she was pickpocketed on the bus - a common thing here in Rome. I make no apologies for suspecting anyone who looks at me too hard. Then there are the guys who try to scam you with flattery or as we say in Trinidad,  mamaguy. They walk up to you, flatter flatter flatter - you are so beautiful. Take this rose, no charge. But of course when you take the rose, they ask for just one coin...just one. Yeah right.

The eye candy is better for sure though it is a mixed bag of Italians and tourists. I had a glass of wine on the Piazza Navona, then another at a Pantheon tourist trap, before making my way to Piazza di Pasquino and all in the name of people watching. Eventually had dinner with a lovely German couple, and a yummy dinner at that at Terra di Siena. I know it may have been a bit sacrilegious to dine at a Tuscan restaurant in Rome, but it was close, was not part of the tourist fare around the monuments    large squares, and it was recommended. Dinner was lovely. Lovely smoked salmon and arugula, followed by ricotta and spinach ravioli in sage and butter sauce, and tiramisu. I know...tiramisu again.  I can't help myself. Lol.

Tomorrow, an even easier day spent in Borghese, and a relaxing stroll through the city so as not to wear myself out as my penpal, the one I used to write 20 odd years ago, and whom I have never met, will be my "date" tomorrow evening. Roman rendezvous.

Next - The Final Moments of La Dolce Vita

Inside the Colosseum

The stunning, breathtaking Trevi Fountain

The Pantheon

Fountain of the Four Rivers in Piazza Navona

The view from the bottom of the Spanish Steps

Smoked salmon and arugula salad

Spinach and ricotta ravioli in butter and sage sauce

The best tiramisu ever


  1. Lovely post, it took me back to my time in Rome. One of my favorite places on earth :)

    1. I am so happy I got to experience it. It is a real blessing.

  2. Sounds awesome - except for the heat and flat feet. I can relate to both. Hope you enjoy the rest of your trip.

    Visiting from SITS.

  3. I am really living vicariously through your words here. It's been ages since I've been to Rome but it's just a majestic city. Though of course, you have to be careful. I was literally there for all of five minutes once when I had my brand new camera stolen. I suppose it's better it happened on the first day of the trip as opposed to the last when I would have had all of my memories erased...

    Anyway, I'm so glad you are enjoying yourself and eating well. Yum, tiramisu (and hope you have had your share of gelato, too). :)


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