On the other side of the pond

It is cold in London town. So I am here in London my old stomping ground where it is currently 16 degrees Celsius, which for some here is warm and maybe when I still lived here was a pretty good outcome as well, but coming straight from a 35 degree day in Trinidad - in fact a 35 degree life - this is just cold! But as always I am prepared and managed to hit the walks of Greenwich last evening without freezing.

The trip over was more or less uneventful, which for the random traveller is good but for the single girl adventures could be a bit of a buzzkill. There is always that pesky mind game of "spot the best potential seatmate" where you try to find the guy you would like to sit with for 10 hours.  I spotted a couple guys whom I really prayed were not going to sit with me. But in the end, I got an older woman who clearly had some bladder issues and who interrupted my sleep every hour or so as she needed to go to the loo. 

Today is my last day in London, thankfully, at least for the next few days. I love the city but if I wanted a winter vacation I would have planned one for my birthday trip. Tomorrow morning I join the rush hour throngs as I make my way to the airport again, bound for a city where the weather is much better, and is well known for its Golden Triangle of Art, and where girls' reunion #1 will get underway - the beautiful city of Madrid.

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The street outside my temporary accomodation in North Greenwich, London. Love the Mini!


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