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Hello lovelies. I have fallen behind on the blogging haven't I? But it is challenging to blog in between all the fun and all the late nights. I must say, I love Madrid and the different layers of the city. From the art, architecture, food, the people, it has been a remarkable experience.

More and more food
Let me just say Spanish food is incredible. Truly amazing. Oh, but my waistline. I joined an awesomely wonderful couple - the amazing Nicolsons - for a late breakfast on Sunday. God help me, but chocolate for breakfast is just plain wrong. Delicious, tempting, but goodness - where do the Spanish put all this food?

Gay Madrid
It being a girls' weekend, of course, a major part of the fun was market research, as we call it - the sometimes earnest, but most times, idle man hunt. Lol. I know I will draw the ire of many, but the market research in Madrid was poor and bore no fruit worth picking. If the guys weren't hobbit sized, they were not that appealling. Madrid. So after a day of shopping, we headed to Chueca for cocktails, Chueca being a very modern, chic hub for the local gay community. But while clearly it was the wrong target audience for us girls, the eye candy was considerably better, as was the company. Very amusing, very enlightening, and with the best sangria blancas ever. Great time!

Parque de Retiro
Beautiful. I love green spaces that are also great communal spaces. I love London's parks for example. Retiro Park is stunning. Besides that, if you are looking for free amusement, this is a good place to start. From puppet shows, to musicians, you name it, and it is sure to be there.  Post-shopping lunch break and conversation went down well here.

The Prado
I know. I know. It is surely sacrilege to mention gay cocktail hour with the almighty Prado, but blogging on this touch keyboard is a real pain, not to mention the Blogger app is junk and maddening. I had some "me" time and used it wisely to explore Museo Nacional del Prado. There are just certain things I must doin any city, and museums are always on the list. Prado certainly did not disappoint. Impossible to do it in a day, so I selectively explored the vast halls of the museum, including Goya, of course, Velazquez, Titian and El Bosco (Hieronymous Bosch), and discovering new artists I, carefree art lover, did not know of before. It was a great outing, one I truly enjoyed. What was also amusing is this chick and her daughter who were visiting from Atlanta,  who came over to say hello, simply because she has made it her mission to say hello to the handful of brown people she ever sees.

So what next? After what seems like tonnes of tapas, great girlfriend time, lots of halting, non-existent Spanish, I turn to pasta, pizza, Michelangelo, ruins, penpal adventures, the Pope. Ciao Roma!

Next - Sights, sounds and smells of Rome

Churros and rich milk chocolate - breakfast of sinners

Beautiful lake in Parque de Retiro

The fantastic Prado museum


  1. Spain. Truly, my favorite place in the world thus far in my travels. I love that place. I could easily see myself having a flat in the south on La Costa del Sol with the sun, sand and surf of the Mediterranean near my door. But, I'd take Madrid too! Parque de Retiro -- beautiful, I agree. I see you had churros con chocolate. Oh. My. Luv. Luv. Luv. Sinfully delicious! It looks soooo good! Wish you could Fed Ex. I mean, I can get it here in the U.S., but it's not the same.

    1. Spain is truly awesome indeed. The food! I would be morbidly obese over there!! lol


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