Men: Not the Good, not the Bad, but the UGLY

You may be sitting on a bus and your eye may land on a spectacular looking male specimen on his way to work. Hair well coiffed, perfect suit, well shined shoes. You look around and notice all the other women are lapping up the male goodness as well, under hooded eyes, or just brazenly soaking in the effortless appeal of this Adonis reading his newspaper or fiddling around on his iPhone.

Little do you know, that when he gets off the train after work and he heads home, the cleanest thing in that flat may actually be the suit he is wearing...and that's really hoping for the best.

Now, I am not saying that all women are beacons of cleanliness. Hardly!! I know some frickin' nasty women, and some male neat freaks, but for the purposes of this entry, I am bashing male nastiness. I live with a bachelor and there are some issues that are beyond my female understanding as it relates to cleanliness. Smelly socks and football gear lying around, dirty shower (I use the tub, and thank God I have that option).

Still, I was not at all prepared for what I was greeted with yesterday when I went over to my friend's flat that she shares with 2 professional men - a flat she only recently moved into (her previous accomodation was just very very strange). I will not describe it to you. Instead I will just share 2 photos of what I met yesterday as the 2 men and their friend lay around watching football.

The living room - where they were lying around watching tv

This one REALLY affected me - look at this kitchen sink!
Can you IMAGINE being offered a cup of coffee in that cup that is overturned on that filth?

I could not live here. I could not do it. She has had to be cleaning up after these guys since she moved in. They did not even have a vacuum cleaner. The downstairs toilet was littered with empty toilet paper rolls. And to see the guys, you would never believe they lived like this! I am not used to this level of physical mayhem. It makes even the mere thought of sharing a flat with random men one of sheer terror and disgust. Could you eat from anyone whose kitchen sink looked like that??

And is it a British thing to have a toilet downstairs with no sink? After using the loo, I realised there was nowhere for me to wash my hands, forcing me to wash my hands in the kitchen!!! The horror! It reminded me of a time my then boyfriend and I went with his mum to look at houses in a new development in Chaguanas and the toilet had no ensuite washing facilities. Instead the sink was outside the door, IN THE LIVING AREA!!! She did not need to see anymore...we were done!

London is expensive and most people flat share, something most Trinis who have moved out on their own are definitely not used to. But wow...having one's own place is more than a luxury. It can almost be an obsession depending on your tolerance levels and who you may have to live with. I know I would be hard pressed to room up with strangers...especially after yesterday.

And before you start imagining your next vacation or picturing your kids with train hottie, maybe you should follow him home and see how he lives. Your dream may just be a nightmare! lol


  1. haha - this type of thing would discourage you from ever getting married!

    Unfortunately I live in similar conditions - not as bad though. My kitchen is generally clean (because I'm a nag). He still can't get the concept of a laundry basket though - we constantly have clothing (usually his) all over my living room.

    Especially since I damaged my hands in March - this year has been the year of "hubby cleaning". I physically cannot do as much as I want to - I have to tell you - I can accept some things - but the boy just does not clean a washroom well. And THAT is killing me! I Lysol wipe EVERYTHING (because that's often all I can do - else I'd be bleaching the sh*t out of our washrooms!)....

  2. I shall consider myself VERY LUCKY. The most I get is dirty socks left on the bedroom floor but DH is very clean and good with everything else!

    I can be a little obsessive but those guys should be ashamed of themselves. Some women can be just as bad though!

  3. they should be paying her to live with them since she has to spend all that time cleaning just to make the place habitable. ick.

  4. So....I should not be annoyed with Hubby's obsession with keeping the counter tops clean?

    This is beyond wrong....Blecccch!

  5. Oh, dear god. NO WAY!!! That sink is completely filthy. Look, every now and then I let the dust bunnies win and I probably go longer than I should with passing around the vacuum but never would I leave my kitchen sink in that condition. GROSS! And I also am grossed out by the lack of sink in a bathroom. So this means also one must brush teeth there?!

    Seriously. Boys ARE gross.

  6. Your friend lives with animals! That is the only explanation I could come up with for a sink that looked like that. They surely don't bring women to that apartment. That is so revolting!

  7. Ohhhhh no.....i skeveeee filth! I would have had to let them know this is not a gd look. That type of mess invites bugs....mainly for the kitchen. The first sight of a bug and I would be beyond out the door. As far as the other things i sure would have picked it up and sat it right in front of their rm entry ways! Its theirs right Im just giving it bk to ya pal. Sadness....this cant be life. But I guess it is for some folks!


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