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Trinidad and Tobago under limited
state of emergency
Photo credit: Trinidad Guardian
After having a really awesome Sunday afternoon, complete with amusing surprises, it was a totally different and disturbing end which followed me as I lay my head down to sleep. Worries and concerns not only for my family back home, but for my country as a whole. The Prime Minister last night implemented a limited state of emergency in an effort to address the now completely out of control crime rate across the country.
[…] the current crime spree dictates that more must be done and stronger action has to be employed now. The situation cannot continue like this without a response commensurate with the wanton acts of violence and lawlessness; it must be a response as well that will halt the current spike in gang activity and crime in general in the shortest possible time. After much deliberation with the National Security Council and members of the Cabinet, it has been agreed that the government consider the imposition of a limited state of emergency in hot spots across the country […] The limited state of emergency will allow us to achieve a number of things in relation to crime reduction which would not be prudent for me to disclose in advance of the action taken. We are aware that such a decision will have an impact on the daily lives of innocent, law abiding citizens in these areas but I feel confident that they will recognise and appreciate the need to protect them and bring the current crime surge affecting them under control.

I have so many concerns around this, from not just the safety of my family, but the wider scenario encompassing the rights of innocent people and the anticipated effectiveness of such a drastic move. In the end, I am hoping and praying that my little country will find its way and one day be the totally awesome place I grew up in.


  1. Trininista this makes me very uneasy too (and I am supposed to be resting this week on sick leave but now feel really stressed for my family back home).
    The crime rate is bad but I feel that this a very drastic action that is limiting the rights of law abiding citizens. Will this be the end? Or will they continue to infringe on people's rights. My concern is that many of the drug lords and financiers of the drug industry do not live in what they have identified as hotspots. I am not sure this will make a difference but we shall see.

  2. It's crazy to think that this is still going on. I can only imagine how this must make you feel and I hope that all the looting and violence comes to an end shortly. Unfortunately for something like this, it means that the innocent have to pay for the selfish actions of select few.

    Many many hugs, girl. Wishing for a peaceful--and speedy--resolution.

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