English Premiership Angst

Arsenal apparently played Man City tonight. Who cares?
I love football but I made a decision many years ago to stop following League football because it is very easy to let this football thing become your entire life. I have seen how I change during the one month of World Cup football every 4 years - missing work, hiding in the kitchen to watch games, speeding down the highway to get home for a game, BBMing the progress of games while in meetings, cursing at the tv, gnashing of teeth, pulling of hair, crying over losses. So it is no wonder that I just said to myself - international football only. International tournaments specifically. World Cup, Euro Cup, Gold Cup.

This leads me to my the question - is the big screen in this house the only f...g big screen in the entire city of London??? Why is it all these men end up in THIS house when there is some foolish Premiership game on? I mean, I know I am begging a lodging, but really, man - every damn game is the same crap. There must be a pub or someone else's big screen in someone else's house. Trying to study in the midst of this racket is beyond impossible and especially if loser Liverpool, who cannot seem to win a pie contest, seem to be playing. Then it is pure hell.

Not pleased. Not pleased. Not pleased.

I have resorted to online noise generators and currently, I am in the middle of a thunderstorm near the ocean. It started off with just the ocean and I was somewhat calm but then as goals started coming, or not - not sure, don't care - then I became stormy and the night was filled with the sound of thunder and rain, falling in my ocean. Does this football thing ever end? Tell me when so I can have a party that day! A big noisy party!

In other angry student updates, I am done with my current phone network - Three, or 3, or whatever. I have missed countless calls from friends and family because the network is crap. Between yesterday and tonight, 3 (go figure) people either emailed me or told me that they tried calling me to no avail. The phone is right next to me. It has not rung. It's shit. My mother has given up on trying and now only relies on Skype. So, I am now an O2 customer and they better hope and pray I stay a happy O2 customer. And oh look...the first giveaway I spot - tickets to go watch Arsenal. The joy.

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  1. I hate lousy phone service.

    I will never, EVER understand the allure of Euro football. I just don't get the hype.


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