Week One of 2011

Not the way I would have liked to spend the opening week of the year but such is my reality. But I am not stressed. I am not crying over textbooks or pulling my hair out. Au contraire. I have been fiddling around with cute hairstyles, I managed to do my nails over the weekend - after months of neglect. I have been cooking - today's winning meal was basmati rice, dhal and curried chicken. I think I am just, at this point, fed up and these exams can do with me as they will. I just want them to be over already! I would love to have a life again. To wake up and open the door and go walking just for the hell of it. If I can make any resolution for 2011, it would be have more fun this year. I have made a commitment to get this Masters degree and with distinction, but really?? Does this mean I am not allowed a life? REALLY??? Not only has this Masters plan made me a pariah in the dating world - because men don't want to date a student because they are so concerned about our studies (bollocks!) but I am starting to look like the wallpaper in my bedroom, which is not attractive. So Karen, that would be one of my 52 - maybe the entire 52. Have more fun. I am in one of the best cities in the world for crying out loud. I did not mean for this to go from idle chatter to a full blown rant, by the way.


Not only is studying bad for my emotional health, but it is also terrible for my physical health. You get hungry every 11 seconds and today's comfort snack was a nice teaplate with 3 mini pancakes, a dab of butter and honey. Yummo.

Bad Trininista....bad girl.
However, the plan is to make weekend #2 - technically it will be weekend #2 really - make up for the awful first week of 2011. I already know I will be having drinks (if my busy week has not already chased off my drinks date as per my statement above), maybe take in a movie (The King's Speech vs Black Swan, or both...live a little!) and maybe some culinary therapy. Not in the mood for drunken London club life this weekend or weird girls named Miranda (see previous entry). Maybe a day at National Gallery.  Maybe the British Museum. Maybe Greenwich. I mean, the possibilities are endless. I am 85% flu free, and will be 100% exam free. Go me!

But tonight, I don't want to write too much for fear that the info I just read for the millionth time seeps out of my brain with every non-research related word I type here. But wish me luck! First exam at 9.30am tomorrow. God help me!


  1. I am with you! go for the weekend!!!

  2. Best of luck with your exams! Everything will be great!

    And that sounds like a PERFECT 52 list!

  3. Life's for living not wasting...enjoy yourself. I'm a great believer in balance...work and fun, food and exercise...wine and more wine see it works for me :)Good luck anyway. I'm sure you'll get your Masters though - bet you :)


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