It's so cold. I am bundled up in layers inside, with a glass of port and the neighbour is outside, gardening. GARDENING!!! These people are nuts.

I finished my final exam yesterday - hopefully my final exam for life. Still not in a great place and I still have assignments due, but such is life. I have another random photo, this one from an old Daily Mail. You would never believe London was a metropolitan city based on the critters running around the place.

Photo courtesy The Daily Mail

Oh when I saw this I cracked a smile. I remember when I was seeing a Brit and he first told me about urban foxes, I was like, what? Foxes in the city? Impossible. I thought he was pulling my leg, until my very first visit in 2007, when I was coming home after a night of fun and as I crossed the street, there was Fantastic Mr Fox awaiting me. Not knowing whether this thing was fierce or not, I stopped dead in my tracks, despite the cold breeze. I was fully prepared to freeze, rather than be mauled by Foxy, having never seen or encountered a fox in my life and not knowing if he was a mean bugger. But he was more scared of me, and ran away. I have now grown used to seeing them around - with one regularly sleeping under our wine shed - hopeully not drinking our whites and reds to stay warm - but I never saw them in a train station, which was where this escalator happy fox was captured on camera. Imagine running for your train and in front of you, on the escalator is a fox - going about his business, in the middle of the day, with not a care in the world. It's little things like these that make me smile.

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