I Hate People Day

I really hate people today. Really. I can go on and on about how insensitive, selfish, daft, etc etc etc some of the people I encounter can be, but then, who has that kinda time? Just brand the day and leave the rest alone. I hate people today.

But I love my soup.

Sainsbury's strikes again. Cooked chicken breast slices, some veggies - precut, and pre-washed. I love UK food shopping. Got a nice piece of pumpkin from the market and some onions and garlic, of course. And Knorr may not be Maggi, but it will just have to do.

Sautee that chicken with some seasoning and some garlic and a frustrated dash of white wine because...it's I Hate People Day and I drink when I cook and get angry and splash wine into my chicken. Makes a nice stock base.

Add my veggies and my Knorr.

Bubble bubble bubble. Stay outta my way or there will be trouble.

Comfort food - to take away all the hurt and vexation.


  1. Haha! I love it!! Cooking and grubbing on some yummy comfort food helps you forget for a bit!!

  2. It LOOKS SOOO GOOD _ where are the DUMPLINGS?

  3. Looks delicious. When I hate people I normally just buy a pizza.

  4. LOL I love this post. I will have to join you in having I Hate People Days. There's nothing like yummy comfort food when having a bad day!


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