Out of Sorts

Last night, I opened up SPSS, despite feeling really tired. The plan - I would do some revision by way of exercises, for this exam I have tomorrow. Ten minutes later, I was in dreamland and the laptop went into sleep mode. Six hours later, I was awake again. Two hours after that, laptop was off, I was back in bed, having done nothing really. Exhausted. A bit distracted.

It's not been a fabulous week, not only because of stats invading my life, but life invading my life. I just feel a bit out of sorts. It's not anything I want to put out in the cybersphere but I just wish things were different.

Thanks to two ladies for being so sweet - Carol for scouring her local markets for good Caribbean stuff on my behalf, without me even asking. lol. And Happy Anniversary to her and her hilarious hubby.

Shala for offering and promising to bring me a piece of NZ cheddar from Trinidad. If only she could also bring the sun. It's pretty dismal today after nice sunny intervals yesterday and Tuesday.

I took another day off and I am at home. I need to focus on SPSS and I was just too tired to go. Not to mention, the class was a bit pointless over the past couple days so I just decided to spare myself the hassle. Not doing any chores today as I normally would when I am home either. No laundry, no vacuuming, no cooking. When I cooked on Sunday, it was soul food. Comfort food. It's also great therapy for when things are not going as they should. It also makes the folks back home feel better that I am not simply eating a meal out of a plastic box.

Mixed vegetable rice, red beans, stewed chicken, pasta salad and fresh salad.

The rice was really great because I used all fresh veggies, including broccoli and cauliflower, which I first steamed before stir frying them with the carrots, sweet peppers, onions, ginger and garlic, with a dash of parsley and black pepper, before adding the cooked long grain rice. And I really missed having red beans and stewed chicken. I did good.

Pity it's a ready meal kinda day today.


  1. I loathe SPSS. Definitely sending warm Southern California thoughts your way!

  2. Ha! back on my dear laptop to view this properly. I read it on my phone but couldn't get it to leave a comment.
    You poor lethargic thing! It sounds as if you are suffering from 'SAD' Seasonal Affective Disorder). It's completely common here and is due to lack of sunshine and warmth. I expect you are more vulnerable. Hubby suffers too. Today it was slightly sunny in the afternoon and we dragged out for a walk even though it was perishing cold. It did the trick. he was much more cheerful afterwards. Of course you could also be suffering from homesickness too. :(
    When I lived in Mororcco I often felt like you currently do. Comfort food, an occasional walk, a warm bath and a chat to your loved ones on Skype is my prescription. I wish I could have tracked down some proper food for you. Cyber hugs and hope you feel better soon...I heard a rumour that in about four weeks time there could be some brighter weather and Spring might happen but hey don't hold your breathe!

  3. It's not really the weather. I have grown used to the greyness. It's a lot of other things. But I agree, the weather does not help. Thanks for the cyber hugs. And congrats on your success with making a comment on my wall with your iPhone. Impressed. :-)

  4. I'll find you the bestest NZ cheese out there! Gosh this real reminding me of JA days - bringing up the food lol. Big huys - take it easy this weekend.


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