Day Off, Night On

Courtesy Caponata. This was very good, by the way.
Friday was my day off. Yes, we all need a break from time to time and I needed one. I was not able to focus on Thursday and I was staying up late and getting nothing done - a clear sign of saturation. So I went into town. The primary purpose was of course, as mentioned before, to get my beauty stuff from Boots. But I cannot see a clothing or shoe store and just walk past. C'mon. I laughed when I saw the flip flops were on the shelves of some of the shops, as I pulled my jacket closer to my body. Flip flops. Clearly to go to a resort somewhere. I eventually got my eyebrows threaded, raided the Boots beauty aisle, getting my Mudd mask in the process and after what was supposed to be a half hour retail adventure, I got on the bus home 3 hours later.

Friday was also date night. I have these "dates" ever so often and they do a great job in reminding me I am a human first, a robot last. After some toning (Boots' tea tree and witch hazel toner for £1.24 or whatever is really the answer! I tell you, go with the cheap stuff anyday!) and my Mudd mask, and some primping, I headed to dinner. In the end, by the way, I thought I looked pretty damn smashing, but I am biased.

Photo courtesy, Caponata. Great wine selection, as well.
Well, dinner was beyond lovely. We dined at Caponata, which offers a very Sicilian menu. I enjoyed my orders a lot. I am so glad that Sainsbury's 2 for £2.70 pasta meals have not ruined my palate. I'm not one of those people who go out to eat and whip out a camera to take photos of the food so I can post it on online. I have done it, but it's not a usual thing. Again, if someone wanted to pay me to do this (hint hint), I would. But take my word for it - it was pretty awesome. I had the almond crusted lamb which was so well done I almost cried. No ready meal here! And the service was stellar. Did not like the live band downstairs so much - they kinda ruined the ambiencefor those dining upstairs. My one small peeve about the place.

The weather though - junk. And I missed my train so had to take the dreaded night bus and again, almost missed my stop. Finally, when I felt my body giving in to the sleep..I am on the bus. lol.
I am 98% (fingers crossed) finished with this nightmare of an assignment and hopefully I can get some sleep and maybe some fresh air tomorrow. Oh...sorry. Today. It's 5.00 am. Joy.

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  1. Bet you did look smashing too.
    There is something for you on my blog - it's just a bit of fun!


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