Red Circles and Blue Skies

I'm up with the cows, if London has cows. It's going to be a tough few weeks. My cute calendar shows the damage. The days circled in red are DUE DAYS. Due days - when I give birth to an assignment after a very short gestation period as you can see. It's pretty much like the month of November when basically all the Mondays were circled. Happy times I tell you. The little blue face is obviously me. lol.

But I looked at it positively this morning. It's probably much easier to sit indoors with books, when it's cold and gnarly and grey outside, than if I were at home in the sunshine, during Carnival season no less. Can you imagine reading about reputation management when the skies are blue and the parties are everywhere? Impossible. Think about it with me...

This is the view from my porch where on a Sunday morning like this, I would sit and just do nothing, besides maybe watch a bird or two, share some crumbs with them, have my Cheerios and milk in my favourite mug, or wave to the neighbours.

Ahhh...La Vega - where many an afternoon has been spent just lying in the sun, with a beer, listening to loud Indian music from someone's speakerbox and cursing the owner of said speakerbox in my mind.

And of course, the North-East coast

...and Tobago. Beautiful beautiful Tobago, where a sunrise is like a kiss from heaven.

Yeah, it looks much more possible to get work done from this angle. lol.

Photo courtesy Travel Pod
No matter what city it is, that sky would keep me indoors for sure.

My friend LSJ had given me a beautiful oversized mug one Christmas. I loooooove that mug. I miss that mug. But it pretty much sums up life.

No lie...I really love that mug. See? It's blue and got white spots like a sky and everything. I need a sunny sky mug!!!

Dream - I had dreams of getting this Masters done and getting it done here and I am right where I wanna be, albeit not as warm as I wanna be. lol.
Inspire - I know I have inspired others, in one way or another, during the course of my short life and have been inspired by others as well - by the great men and women I call my friends.
Cherish - I cherish every blessing and moment, no matter how heinous, because it means I am alive. And I cherish the people in my life.

Happy Sunday folks. It's back to the pasta and pizza drawer for me this week. No Sunday kitchen sexiness today. Except for the sexy omelette I am going to whip up for breakfast. I tried another type of cheese at Sainsbury's. God help me and my omelette. lol.


  1. Your pictures are lovely, especially compared to what I see out my window. Snow. Gray skies.


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