Today - A Gift

I had typed a post this morning before class, then got the news that a classmate from my undergrad was killed over the weekend. The entry just did not seem that important.

To those who treat life with such triviality that they can just snuff it out without a thought, how poor you are in spirit and in emotion. There goes someone's son, a brother, a classmate and a friend to countless people. There goes someone who was young and had so much ahead of him. It could have been any of us, that is the truly scary and sickening part of it all.

It is such a sad world we live in where life is nothing but an after-thought. Bless and walk good, Roderick.


  1. Girl, is bad news all around. :( A friend/old co-worker's 6 or 7 yr old daughter was killed in a car accident today. My headache is worse now. :(

  2. I'm so sorry to hear about your classmate :( That's terrible. But this is an important reminder that we should never take anything for granted, especially not the people we meet.

  3. As someone who has recently been dealing with the unexpected loss of a friend, I want to express my condolences.


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