The Bachelor Pad

So after finally dragging my tired carcass off the sweet mattressy goodness of my bed, facing the shower and putting my fluffy slippers on, in true lazy woman style, I headed to the kitchen. Now while the aim is never to cook on vacation and while I bought many a microwaveable meal yesterday, I decided I would at least try to make something fresh for the boy who really has been going out of his way for the ever-lazy and demanding trininista. Seeing that this cooking thing was never part of the plan, I had not even ventured to the fresh produce section of the supermarket, but decided that there must be something in the fridge here at Casa de Vacation.

Not even a rotten onion. Man, bachelor pads are the worst. Lots of spirits and lots of salad dressing for some odd reason, but not a veggie in sight. The fridge is packed with frozen food, and somehow before he left, Mister Man turned the freezer up and so the freezer, chock full of shrimp and fries and meat, stinks now. You know who is not going to interfere with anything in there! lol

I could go to the store on the corner and get stuff but that would mean changing out of my bunny slippers and maybe doing something with my hair, which seems so arduous right now, as I sit on the recliner with a Fox's chocolate cookie between my manicured fingers. So I am now trying to rustle up a veggie-lacking meal for the boy so when he comes over with my UK mobile, at least I would feel like it was a fair trade.

So lazy it's unreal. Love vacations. I promise to leave the house tomorrow. Promise.

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