London: Sunny Paradise???

I woke up this morning, pulled my curtains and the good times were over. Dark grey skies and cold breeze. They were back.

Yesterday I went out into the rare London sunshine and met up with a girlfriend for lunch and some shopping. It was roasting hot, and add the throngs of shoppers on Oxford Street and it was almost unbearable. Almost. We stopped at Busaba Eathai for lunch and gaping but I think I got a bit more than I bargained for. Instead of the hot guys (and don't be mistaken, there were some cuties coming in for lunch), I was assaulted by the public display of affection from the couple in front of us. The dude, in full turban, was manhandling this petite blonde in a way that made my pad kwetio sour in my stomach. With his hands down her crotch and unbuttoning her blouse, I was really repulsed. I imagined his countrywoman doing the same, and being stoned or beaten and I just shook my head at the double standard, and at the nitwit blonde who allowed herself to be degraded like that in public. I don't care what the dude was driving...get a room!

Other than that, it was a pretty good day - hot sun, good friend, good food, and a MAC eyeshadow replenishment. Any day at a MAC counter is a good day. I laid my hands on a £2000 handbag, complete with anti-theft alarm (at that price, it better have an alarm!), and wondered when on earth would I need a bag that costs almost TT$20,000. That bag had better cause my blue notes to multiply, yes. That kinda life must be nice.

The trip has been good for my emotional health, but not so good for my physical health. I am eating non-stop and it is almost impossible to not drink non-stop in the land of pubs as well. I was up until midnight, knocking back screwdrivers and chicken wings, and my stomach will never be the same again. Did not sleep well last night and my pancakes are not sitting well either. Going to brave the miserable outdoors and head to the drugstore for some stocks so at least when I meet the ladies later, I will be back to my normal self.

I leave for Firenze tomorrow, and not too sure how much I will be blogging but you will surely hear from me at some point. It's 29 degrees Celsius in Florence today and it is expected to be between 34-36 degrees while I am there and while I love the heat, I am not too sure I will be loving that kind of heat. I am hoping for the best, in more ways than one.

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