In from the cold, and it's still cold

We're supposed to have this bbq today and London weather is out in full force. I had a cute little sundress all picked out and now I may have to change outfits cause it is chilly and drizzling. Hoping the sun comes out at some point though.

Speaking of chilly, last night was biting. I went out to dinner with the RT (great dinner date by the way...that Chinese food was da bomb) and while standing in line, for...wait for cream, I was just dying of the chills.

Let me digress. We decided we were going to do dessert at the Haagen Dazs restaurant, after a great meal, and when we first passed by I said to myself, wow, look at those assholes in this long queue for ice cream. I was later one of those assholes, and it was much colder too. lol. But the wait in the face of cold breeze and cackling of teenagers was worth it. The chocolate waffle was good for the soul and for the complexion.

But back to chilly...

I am not the tourist who depends on the relatives to take me places and drop me off, and London is not really that kinda city either. You have your Oyster card and you're pretty much set. But after 12.30, you're screwed. Enter the night bus. Oh my God. When I got to the bus stop and realised I missed the last regular bus to my stop by a minute, I was about to die. Not only was I cold, but I was surrounded by thirsty Africans who kept staring at me and trying to be friendly. Do I look like a friendly person??? These are the times I really really miss my car and the convenience of liming as late as you want without the worry of having to suffer on a cold corner for a damn bus.

And call me diva (go ahead, I give you permission) but when the bus comes to the stop and is ram crammed with smelly Londoners, with their arms hanging on to the handle bars, sending the aroma of expired deodorant into the night, you wait for an empty bus. lol. When I eventually got an empty bus, I had to change at another station, where not only was it biting cold, and where there was a couple of foxes lurking around for bits of food, but this chatty bright African felt the need to come offer me a ride. To where? Rape and destruction??? I doh think so friend. Even though my bus was a mere 20 mins away, I did the only thing I could have done. I called for a ride. lol. Luckily my cousin is as much as a night owl as I am, and was still awake, at minutes to 3am, and so when the African would not frickin' leave, I told him my man was coming to get me and dashed across the street and hopped onto the warm welcoming leather of the Beemer. Thank you God!

My next challenge is trying to make a pelau with limited ingredients - no fresh carrots, but some mushy shit in a tin; no fresh celery; no shadon beni. My goodness. I ask God to bless my attempts with this Anglo-Trini pelau this morning.

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