Sniffles, no snuggles

Coming down with a cold. I think between standing in the cold on Saturday morning, Saturday night and Sunday evening, and then with the weather being hot and then 2 mins later, chilly, this was bound to happen.

The bbq was fab. Everyone had a great time, and the pelau was well embraced by all, and I was completely toasty after copious volumes of wine in all colours and nationalities. I just lay on the couch with a huge smile on my face, and bepped until 3am. Then we faced a seemingly unassailable task of cleaning up the kitchen before I finally hit the bed at 5am. At noon I was dressed and off to cricket, where the team I was expected to support was totally abysmal. I mean, there I was, all cute and imaginary pom poms in hand and the team allowed a bunch of fat, rolly polly Brits beat them. However, I must add that 90% of the team were out until 5am at a soca party and were nursing hangovers and more. It was really hilarious. The eye candy on the other team (not the fatties) was marvellous, and behind my sunglasses I smiled lustily. The smiling did not last very long as the cold winds picked up and my cute outfit complemented by a matching pashmina just were no match for the biting Blighty breeze and I knew this cold would soon take hold of my brown Trini body.

Last night's post-cricket dinner was jerk chicken and wine, and it was another late night so it was not a happy woman who rolled off the bed at 7am to keep an appointment outside of central London. Add the sniffles and cold-induced arthritis (I'm sure that is what this shoulder pain is all about) and I am not the hottest thing out today. I am going to drown in some ice cream, Redoxon, Comtrex, white wine and sleep and hope to feel better in the morning.

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