Back to Reality

So I am back home and what an "up yours", it has been so far. I needed to renew my driver's permit so I would be legal to speed on the nation's highways. Get to the office near my house and the woman gives me her best Third World answer:

I can give you a form but the camera is not working so you would need to go to another licensing office.

Welcome home!!!

I was loathe to do it because I knew what I was going to meet at 9.00am but I went to the San Fernando office to get the job done. I will spare you the mind numbing details but it took almost 4 hours to pay for the renewal, get the photo taken and have the little Third World permit laminated. 4 hours! Never in my life was I so annoyed as I was sitting on the old rickety benches this morning waiting for these people to get their act together. I mean, the volume of people who come in to that office is tremendous so why on earth would you have one person to check the completed forms, one person to accept payment, and one person to take the stupid photo? And then the one person who had to laminate the permits was busy talking on the phone while I looked at the product of my then 3.5 hour wait sitting on her desk just waiting for the plastic jacket and some heat. I almost ran up to the desk and up her chest and told her I would go laminate it myself. I mean, seriously!!!! I left there so vex you could see the steam coming out of my ears.

Then, after not having breakfast nor a regularly scheduled 12noon lunch, and after making a Hi-Lo stop, where I had to tell some jackass to haul something, I decided to go to Eat It to get some bbq chicken, but on the way the traffic buildup was horrendous, adding to an already ridiculous kinda day so I did a 3 point turn and changed direction and headed guessed it...

KFC. My arch nemesis.

As if the magical ineptitude of yesterday's near KFC experience was not enough, God saw fit to make it a double, in less than 24 hours. So I decided to forego the drive thru after yesterday's over the phone experience and go meet the bad customer service face to face. I am always amazed that every time KFC advertises something I would actually want to eat, and they do a very good job of promoting these items I may add, they never seem to have them. I get to the counter after 15 mins of waiting and order the 3 piece crispy strip combo, and the girl takes my $39 (needed a biscuit too) and tells me it would be a 3-min wait for the strips. Twelve minutes later, I am still strip-less and she comes to tell me her supervisor would come out to talk to me. Never a good sign. I mean, shit...even to get some chicken in this place is a task. The supervisor keeps me waiting for yet another 5 minutes and then tells me the strips were marinating and it would be 30mins and did I want to wait, or order something else. You serious, lady?? I was not going to wait 30 mins for some fried chicken and a biscuit, nor do I eat any other KFC item so I asked for a refund. I was beyond exasperated at this point.

To her credit, not only did I get my refund but she also wrapped up a free Cruncher and a bottle of water for my troubles. I sat in the carpark with my free sandwich and inhaled it before I passed out from sheer hunger and exhaustion. The glowy joy of vacation was gone, that was for sure. Gone!!!!


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