The Good, the Bad and the Reality: Jersey Shore

So I am sitting here, roasting in this unbelievable heat and watching this unbelievably stupid show Jersey Shore. The thing is as stupid as it is, I don't miss an episode. It's hilarious and I am a sucker for American reality tv. Yep. I admit it.

Anyway, this girl Sammi has to be the dumbest woman on the planet or at least part of the dumb elite. I watch this chick week after week get dumped on by her meathead, no ambition, shark head boyfriend Ronnie who clearly also has some psychological issues and a serious drinking problem. And I wonder what does this dude have that entails you being made a fool of every week? Is it that good? She is a pretty good looking girl in a stupid kinda way but wow...she has no sense when it comes to this meathead. Even Snooki, who with a nickname like Snooki one would imagine she would be a total puffhead, has more sense than this Samantha chick.

And though I should logically find the guys on this show highly offensive, their own ignorance and laissez-faire attitude to political correctness makes for amusing tv. I really really should be gravely offended by The Situation referring to a girl he does not find highly attractive as an hippopotamus, but he is so clueless about his own doggish appearance, and so self absorbed that it does not matter much. The episode where the girl's fake breast floated out of her bra and into the packed hot tub was another classic, with these silly dudes playing a game of catch with this piece of rubber that was once part of a girl's attempt at a breast. The show is like a large portion of french fries - you know it's bad for you and full of crap, but you have it anyway.

p.s. The Situation is going to be one of the "celebrities" on the upcoming season of Dancing With the Stars. That should be a laugh.

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