The start of my vacation had marked the end of healthy, purposeful eating. I was eating well and going to the gym regularly. Then I went on vacation and I was also eating well - VERY WELL - and by that I don't mean broccoli and legumes. I was having Thai and Japanese and lots and lots of Italian, and Brazilian and Caribbean food and thanks to my cousin, lots of wine, lots of cocktails, thanks to RT, lots of Haagie. I was the piggy hotness enjoying a well earned vacation. Then I came home and nothing changed but the nationality and readiness of the food. My mum was on vacation and I was forced to fend completely for myself. So while I would cook a healthy, full lunch for work and have a small Mummy-cooked dinner, I was now too tired to manage all that cooking and was having crap. The macaroni pie is not only my favouritest thing in all the world, but it is also the simplest thing to prepare, next to a pelau, and my 3rd macaroni pie in 2 weeks is sitting in the fridge.

So yes, I am an oink oink at this point and feeling it in every inch of my fat body. I had promised to make it to the gym today but nature had other plans so this has been delayed. I have a nice helping of yesterday's "welcome home mummy" pelau, with some cole slaw and a slice of the infamous macaroni pie in my lunchbag - this after digging through the mountain of broccoli in Hi-Lo to find the right bag of my favourite green vegetable for steaming for lunch this week. I am a sinner and I ask for forgiveness.

I hope to get my ass in gear and back in shape, soon.


  1. I know VERY WELL the continuation of the vacation pig-out even AFTER the vacation is long gone!!!. Please take my advice (this is from first-hand experience),get your butt back on the treadmill fast before you're 15 lbs heavier. The pounds conspire and connive and sneak up on you and pile on in a flash! Remember, nothing tastes as good as being thin feels :)

  2. Yes ma'am. Don't worry. I don't need telling twice nah. I am seeing the negative effects already so once I am not feeling like someone dug out my innards with a rusty icepick tomorrow, I will be on the elliptical once more. Not the treadmill...too boring. lol.

  3. Don't worry...just a minor set back. i'm off the wagon all the time. MEH! It happens and then you get back on with twice as much determination!

  4. This is true. I will get back!!! I will! Thanks for the support, ladies.


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