Quick, hopefully painless update

So I have been cryptic about the stuff that's been on my mind for weeks now, but with everything happening just as God wanted it to happen, I guess I can let you all know that I am relocating for a while. As soon as they tearfully let me go, the Brits have tearfully started my welcome back party. I am leaving my life in Trinidad for a bit to head back to good ole Blighty to study, explore, soul search and take a load off. It was not a very easy decision but it was the best decision for me. I leave in a couple of weeks on my new adventure. I swear...I can start the book now. Blessed I am, and bountiful is my life.
(and you go...wow...just so??)

Now that you have picked yourself off the floor, I have more bad news, but I am hopeful that this will not be a major problem. I saw it becoming a major crisis because having been exposed to Sky and the rubbish they show, I realised...OMG...Grey's Anatomy!!!

It hit me that unless I could access the same streaming sites I access now after a long day at the office has caused me to sleep away the Grey's hour forcing me to stream the episode the next morning, then I am screwed and my Grey's loving fan club is screwed!!! I am hoping to find a solution to this predicament ASAP so I can stay in the loop and in touch with my Grey's girls and guys.

And yesterday it became apparent that my life was taking a huge huge dive. I saw the awesomest pair of black and brown heels and they fit me perfectly and then I pictured myself rushing from train to tube to bus, and in that picture, I was wearing flat, comfy shoes and not these beautiful heels and depression hit me like a ton of bricks. And my blog name will certainly lean more towards the flip flops and sneakers and maybe, hopefully some cute boots, but definitely not heels. I have already instructed mumsy to vacuum seal my beautiful animal prints, my red leather pumps, my gun metal slingbacks for fear of dry rotting. Damn you public transportation! Damn you!

But the silver lining in all this, just think of the adventures I can blog about for the next 14-15 months of my life. I mean, unemployed Trini in London, the chronicles. Can you see it?

To the few people who did know and helped in the decision making process and gave moral support, gracias. You guys and gals are the best people in the world and I love you to bits. To all my peeps, I am still here basically. You don't see me anyway but I will talk to you as often as I can via this medium.

So...now you know. Leave your comments and pledges of financial support below. More of the latter hopefully.


  1. Very happy for u! I know your blog posts from the UK would be just as entertaining. Bon voyage!

  2. Looking forward to reading about your adventures here back in 'Old Blighty'.


  3. Thanks Carol. And thanks for stopping by!


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