Kicking Ms Rosy's Fat Ass

Cramps are noooo fun, friends.

Rosy is just a cute way of saying "fat". So this weekend,  when someone I knew said, "Oh, you look so rosy", I did not take it as a compliment. lol.

I have been pretty consistent with the workouts but maybe a bit too consistent with the cocktail hours! Therein lies my problem at the moment. But the 4.45am workouts continue. This morning I broke into a jog like someone who loves running, kinda like frickin' Rocky - when in reality I LOATHE it - and then a little while later, I was on a corner, with a cramp. lol. But I finished strong - and I was very proud of myself.

Tomorrow I am going to take advantage of an empty gym to face my other nemesis - the elliptical. I used to spend sometimes 2 hours straight on that thing - and the last time I got on it about 2 weeks ago, I could barely make 15 minutes. Time to kick Ms Rosy's ass!


  1. Hang in there, girl. I'm onto Week 3 or a Couch to 5k Program and it's been incredibly helpful. I highly recommend it to help you ease into distance running.

  2. GOOD LUCK! and keep going.. I cant even get out of bed until 8:30! #GOGIRL!

  3. Good for you, girl. The elliptical machine always scares me. But it's awesome you are conquering your fears. I hope you are happy with where you are and that you know how much we love and support you, Trini!


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