Fat Girls are the Talk of the Town

Everywhere you turn, someone is talking about a "fat" girl, or about being "fat". And "fat" these days is anything above size 0, making me morbidly obese by contemporary standards.

On the one hand, you have those who are being verbally stabbed to death because they have put some weight on. Exhibit A - former Miss World and Bollywood actress, Aishwarya Rai - before and after. I mean, from the elephant sound effects in this video to the articles online about her "flab", this is just horrible.

Aishwarya Rai's Shocking FAT Pics by desimad

I am glad that she has not even bothered to respond to these ridiculous articles and blogs about her weight. She just had a baby for crying out loud. Her husband seems to still think she is pretty awesome. So what is the issue here? One blog even said, and I tried to find the article again, the average woman throws off the baby weight and goes back to being slim after the baby and Aishwarya is just fat and lazy. That kinda blew my mind. The average woman? Really? I think too many people mix up celebrities who turn up on the red carpet 3 months after having a baby, looking like a pencil, after 3 solid months of work with Gunnar Nelson or some $500/hr trainer, with real women, with households to run, no nannies etc.


Then Tyra comes out today to say that had she started modelling in 2012, she would never have made it as a model, as at a whopping size 4, she would have been too heavy to be a supermodel. There is something not even mildly disturbing about that, in that it is very true unfortunately.

Miranda Lambert came out and said she is happy when she is a toned, not flabby size 8, something I can appreciate because on my own journey against the flab, I seriously have no desire to be a toothpick. I am not trying to impress anyone or look like anyone. I just know what makes me comfortable and this size is definitely not it. Like Miranda, I think I have a healthy appreciation for my body type but still want to be healthy and feel good about myself.

So the female body is and will always be under scrutiny - some will accept who we are, whatever our lbs say, and some will tear us to shreds.

This is what your husband may
look like in a couple years
But noone ever talks about the obese men. Noone seems to be making disgusting, insulting videos about their weight gain. Noone talks about how they go to the dogs after a couple years of wedded bliss and too many weekends on the couch, eating home cooked meals and watching football.

It does not matter that women get pregnant and God forbid put weight on and even worse, keep some of it on. What do men do?

Noone talks about the "letter b" syndrome - the shape your once trim husband takes on after a couple years, from a fit letter "I" to a lower case "b". For once I would like to open up my web browser and have the focus be on men's butts and bellies.


  1. Well said, Trininista. I haven't read the chatter about Aishwarya's weight gain but women's bodies are permanently changed after having a child. The joke is that many of these bloggers and journalists have keyboard courage. They ill-speak people's looks, bodies, etc. without revealing that they themselves could use with a change in eating habits and plenty exercise. What a shame.

  2. Yes how women look is just ridiculous and the fact that so many people that being a size 0-6 is a great size is even more crazy. I'm 43 and my size 5 days are over. I haven't seen a size 5 in 20 years. I've had two kids. I am a 10/12. My weight and size flectuates. But guess what, I'm healthy as a horse. I'm happy and I know I look good. And really that's all that matters. Great post and thanks for sharing.

  3. AMEN! I could not agree more with everything you said above. I think society is just filled with un realistic expectations, including the ones we often plac on ourselves. Great read :-)

  4. Amen to this. I can't open this link on my computer but will be sure to do so later. It's disgusting how biased the media is towards women who gain weight during pregnancy (or just because, hello!? Metabolism slows down). Like you, I wish some of the attention would go to the men, too. Seems unfair that women alone shoulder this burden.


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