Fat Busting Miracle!

Yummy watermelon!
I have not had chance to mention that I have finally…FINALLY…resumed my workouts. Though it has been tough going with my knee (I am now on medication), I have managed to be somewhat consistent. So when the alarm sounds at 3.25am (yes, you read that right – 3.25 in the morning), I am up (unwilling, I might add), showered (yes, I must shower before going to sweat), changed, bundled up (laptop, lunch, purse, gym bag, work outfit) and out the door. At 4.30…4.45, I am with the dozens and dozens of other fitness buffs, sweating it out around the Queen’s Park Savannah. 

This morning though, it started raining just as I got out of the car. While I am on a mission to bring sexy back, I am no gladiator or do-or-die warrior and was not willing to chase down weight loss in the rain. So instead I went to the gym – which I loathe, cause our company gym is in the middle of the floor, thus no windows, and I feel trapped. After about 20 minutes, I was outta there, but it was still 20 minutes more than what I could have done had there been no gym at my disposal.

My healthy lasagne and awesome salad
Anyway, been eating right too – with the exception of a couple cocktails and some chicken wings on Saturday night, I have not been snacking on crap, but instead snacking on pears and watermelon chunks. I have been a very good girl, friends. I even did a fitness friendly lasagne, which used half lentils, half beef; mushroom soup instead of cheese sauce. It was lunch for the past couple days. 

Really want to look cute again...and feel cute.


  1. You're not cute - you're beautiful! (And slightly deranged for getting up at 3:25 am....seriously crazy.) I have been working my way back toward the workouts too but I can't even make myself get up at 6am.....what is your secret??

    Did you try the powdered peanut butter yet? :)

    1. My secret? Terror! Sheer terror of the number on the scale! lol.I have to hunt down this powdered peanut butter of yours. lol

    2. I'm with you on the terror of the scale but not sure that could get me out of bed at 3:25am.....did you go through the website or will they not ship out of the US? Let me know if you need the website :)

  2. Watermelon is great and you keep healthy yes?

  3. Just hope your drinking a lot of water ..since watermelon is a diuretic...I love reading your stuff

  4. Holy mother hugging hell!! You ARE serious! Nice work and that lasagna actually looks and sounds pretty damn good. Keep it up!


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