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I have some housekeeping to do. I have been so busy that I have not blogged and forgot about this but...BOOM!!!

I got this award from a fellow blogger last week and just have not had time to celebrate my award. I also want to say she is the sweetest thing and say to her, thank you for the kind words and empathy. Yes, the London weather is atrocious and I know this is just the tip of the iceberg but you are too sweet. Thanks for the award and I know I should pay it forward but's finding the time. Just to let you all know though, I had my mummy talk and mummy talks are great and what is even better is NEPHEW talks. I just skyped with my mum and my sis-in-law and the baby. Of course he just looked at me but at least he know his auntie loves him. So I have enough Skype mojo to last me to the end of the week now.

The award means I have to tag 7 other bloggers, but wooo...may leave that til after my assignment is complete. But I also have to tell you 7 interesting things about me. Hmmm...dunno how interesting I am these days but I can share 7 random things

1. I don't like soda and only drink it by diluting it with water or club soda. Soda is the ultimate "fat" drink!
2. My favourite place to sing is behind the wheel of the car and it makes me so happy. No wonder I am so grumpy here in London. I take the train everywhere.
3. I only eat egg whites. I bought a sandwich last week, not knowing it had hard boiled eggs in it, including the yolks. I bit into it and blech....dustbin. I would eat whole scrambled eggs but not very often.
4. I love buying heels but don't always love wearing them. They aren't the most comfortable things and I can admit that, but they look so good.
5. I did not bring a single pair of heels with me to London and this is so disturbing it hurts. I feel like a vagrant. But practicality won out over vanity.
6. On paper, I am bi-lingual having studied French for 7 years. In reality I am a hot French speaking mess. My fluency hit the toilet during hard core studying during my undergrad years. Now I am trying to rekindle it.
7. This one is a bit of a laugh and especially coming from someone with my hips, but..I don't like fat men. And I mean, obese - beer gut, moobs, double chins. There is something about a man letting himself go that really bothers me. Women have babies, stretchmarks, swollen legs and cramps and PMS to deal with so hey...give us weight gain. have nothing, so the least you can do is endure the pain to look good.

I also miss shopping and I am looking forward to seeing what "Black Friday" deals will be available on Amazon next week so I can make a purchase and feel somehow renewed as a woman!!! I used said credit card earlier this week to buy some Hilton points so I would not for a second time, lose the thousands of points I have racked up as a loyal Hilton customer. I am thinking of treating myself to a Hilton birthday treat - something to look forward to I guess. But we will see how that goes especially since I have...wait for it...another assignment due the Monday after (my birthday is the Saturday before), and an exam on the Thursday. Oh, how fate is conspiring against my social life!!! Again I say I am paying for this massacre of my social life!!! But I have to do something special for my birthday, right?

I just added some rum to my orange juice which I had with dinner to keep the cold out of my Trini bones. It worked for a while but these cold temps are relentless. I am now engaged to the heater...till death do I part. Now back to the assignment and hopefully some progress.


  1. Funny, I buy heels all the time but rarely wear them...

  2. I also sing so much driving my car!! I miss it...well, Avi, doesnt matter the ass and exams we have afterwards but...WE ARE GONNA CELEBRATE YOUR BIRTHDAY ANYWAY!!!!!ah! and totally agree with your theory about the fat men...;)love you. Sonso

  3. For cold weather, a cup of hot herbal tea with a splash of rum and a bit of honey. That really warms me up, my favourite tea for this concoction is mandarin orange spice, but any fruity or herby tea should work.

  4. Just finished wiping the tears away. :)I was 'stoked' at your overgenerous comment. I'm really glad you chatted to your Mum. If you feel lonely you are always welcome to come and visit me-hey we can speak lousy French together! You deserve the award.....keep blogging and smiling.

  5. awwww...well, the award made my day so I guess we are even!!


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