No-Assignment Weekend

I dubbed it my No Assignment weekend. Sure I still have an assignment due, and an exam looming but really...I had gotten to the point where my brain was over-subscribed and my body over-taxed and with a 2 week lead until said assignment is due, I dubbed the weekend No Assignment weekend. It was an added bonus that my regular group was not to be the group for the last assignment due, so we actually finished before the weekend, which really was the primary contributing factor to having a weekend at all. But I digress.

I just woke up from a 4 hour nap, after waking up at 1pm to start with; after getting home at 4.30am from a night out at Guanabara; after spending the day out with a friend having coffee and laughs; after spending Friday evening like a normal human being at the movies, checking out the new Harry Potter movie. It was a lovely school-free weekend, spent with good friends, good drinks and having good times. Well, with the exception of being doused with beer at the club, first when 2 chicks decided to have a go at it using drinks instead of fists; then when some clown decided to fist pump with the beer bottle in his hand; and finally, even after purposely staying out of the line of fire, or in this case, the line of beer, I still managed to have a bottle of beer tip over all over my boots. I was probably not the person anyone wanted to sit next to on the bus home.  A free review for Guanabara though - great nightspot if you love samba and if you love urban music. I was a happy Trini when the riddim section came on, so reminiscient of the Laventille Rhythm Section. The drums, the Carnival girls - I felt like I was back home. Pig in mud feeling, lemme tell ya.

It was also a cold one. The weather is terrible. Getting off the bus this morning, I almost did a Usain Bolt type sprint down the street to my house. I am wondering if I will even survive the winter. I am not good with cold. Hell, I could barely function in my office with the hostile air conditioning back home. This is a million times worse and if I could hibernate like bears and foxes for the winter and resurface in the spring, that would be okay with me. Sadly, with school, that seems improbable. Two fellow post-grads of the Trini persuasion will be heading home in 2 weeks and my jealousy knows no bounds. The sun, the heat, the food, the private transportation. Oh my God, waiting in the sub zero temps this morning for the bus that took its bloody time to get there was torture. How do people have a social life under these conditions? I had a good chuckle as I watched the female hamsters in their micro mini dresses and not much else, battling with the cold. I mean, is vanity so powerful that you prefer to leave home looking sexy, risking sure death from the cold? Really? It really is something else.

Watching State of Play and snacking on Cadbury dark chocolate fingers. I will be back to student life tomorrow but enjoying the last of human life today.


  1. It's perishing cold was -10 degrees centigrade this morning. I've gone for the sexy six layer look, several jumpers, tshirts along with hat and scarf. :) You deserved your break. Did you enjoy Harry Potter? I hope you had better luck at the cinema than I did (see 'Deathly Hallow or Deadly Hollow?'). It's got to be hard sometimes so far away from home. Love your comment about the female hamsters in silly skirts. Keep smiling young lady you'll get there in the end.

  2. It is hard but as you said, I will get there in the end. I actually fell asleep during Mr Potter's movie, so missed a couple bits but it did not wow me...the bits I did see. The sexy 6-layer look. I will be following suit very soon. Your comments are always a joy.

  3. Brilliant! You should go to the cinema with my could both fall asleep. Actually I thought the film was pretty average. Those 'kids' still can't act very well even after all those Potter films. I'm in the five layer look today...Hubby has managed to get the heating working temporarily. I look like a giant car tyre. Love chatting to you.Stay cheerful and don't forget Ugg earmuffs are the new look this season....yes I do have a pair :)

  4. I googled Ugg earmuffs and unless you got them on a great sale, 73 quid for earmuffs is NOT in my budget. lol. But I am glad at least one of us is stylin'.

  5. I wish I had a No Assignment weekend! I've got a final exam in Algebra in a couple weeks, and I'll be studying my ass off! At least Christmas Break is coming up soon.


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