Ode to the amazing and so important...Shoulder

The shoulder pain is worse. This is not even funny. Taking a shower, putting on a t-shirt, holding a snazzy handbag, holding on to the rail in the train so you don't fall over on some smelly Brit, sleeping -  all very painful now. How, oh how, we take a healthy shoulder for granted. I miss my masseuse desperately. These are little perks that noone should dare try to live without. I have tried stretching it out but it is not working and the pain is mind-numbing. I got to the drug store too late this evening and so it will be yet another night of this agony.

So I went to the Halloween party. Not really my kinda thing. There were some live bands but they were horrible in my opinion and the deejay was a hot mess. But the company was great - had a nice time with the girls, and my "costume" turned out pretty okay in the end. I ended up going as an overdressed Playboy bunny. In this weather and with these hips, I was not going to be in anything looking like a leotard or nightie. I was aiming more for Easter bunny but the black and white bunny ear set called to me. Hop hop.

I am also a bit miffed that I have to go on campus 3 out of my 5 days off this week - one being today. Well I did not make it to campus exactly, but it was just a 1 minute bus ride away. Today was the scholars' tea which actually was quite nice. A bit posh, but really great people from around the world. I was surprised there were no cucumber sandwiches but there was lots of tea. Lots of it. I managed to be the rebel in the group and drink juice.

I have never been a tea drinker. I never really liked hot beverages growing up. I would have the occasional hot Milo but never tea. Only as I started studying in earnest around age 15 (O'Levels), did my fascination with coffee begin. I used to have it black with a couple sugars and strong. Then when in my first semester of my undergrad programme, I realised my hands were shaking after a 48 hour coffee binge during study season (aka beat season, alluding to the expression, "beating the books"), I cut back on coffee. Then I started working and getting up in the dead of morning to get to work and I fell in love with what some may call "girlie" coffees - mochaccino and cappuccino. And during my gym-crazed moments, I would drink copious amounts of green tea with one sugar. This is where I am at still.  I have some reading to do and just downed a cappuccino with heaps of cocoa drizzling my foamy top. I think I am ready to go.

How did I go from ode to the shoulder to ode to coffee? I am not sure. But I will end this now.

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