Life of a Library Superstar

With another inane assignment deadline looming, I have found myself yet again in the library doing 12-hour stretches. I tried staying at home, in my jammies to work, but found it impossible, with so many distractions. The recliner is too comfortable and induces sleep; the kitchen with the goodies encourages foodie experimentation and consumption, the jumbo flatscreen encourages flipping to the movie channel. I had to stop myself from watching "The Hangover" for a sixth time, but when I weighed the options in a most self serving way, the books just seemed so incredibly boring.
And I always wondered why some people walked around with a suitcase in London. Now I know. My bag is laden with books and the shoulder I just mended is now taking a beating with the books I tote to and fro every day. And again I say to myself, I am paying huge chunks of money for this inconvenience. lol. Just reminding Mr/Ms Anonymous of the fact that I am not here free.

Man, I remember when mid-term breaks used to be BREAKS. I have fond memories of one lovely mid-term break spent on the beautiful beaches of Port Antonio in Jamaica, eating Boston Bay jerk chicken, sipping Blue Lagoons on the infamous Blue Lagoon and just unwinding from school work. Now I can barely make it to the corner store, and I am on the cusp of Europe. Ah, how life has changed. But seriously...

I am also concerned that my birthday celebrations will be severely compromised with not only an exam on the week after the birthday weekend, but an assignment due on the Monday. Tragedy!!!

I am also trying to see how best I can shuffle time and assignments to go see John Legend at the HMV Hammersmith Apollo. I mean, sure I have seen him twice in concert, but I love John Legend. And  it is JL and The Roots. Oh, have failed me so many times before. Can't you do one thing for me???

I promised a friend I would meet him for drinks tomorrow and I promised myself I would have a weekend  and try to salvage what is left of this mid-term break, so the aim is to finish today and by finish I mean not just physically have a document in my hand but also do the usual anal, paranoid-driven things I do even when the essay is done, that prolong the completion by at least 12 hours.

So here I am again, in my usual corner of the library, with the sniffles and having a coffee, and pizza I baked last night, re-heated in the oven this morning and is now cold and soggy like the weather today. And as I eat my cold, soggy pizza, I think of the dhalpuri, the channa, the kuchela, the geera chicken, the kurma, the gulab jamun and the parsad I am missing back at home on this Divali day. I was invited a while back to spend Divali with a friend of my cousin's and his family, but not sure if that is on and besides, I am booked for the 12-hour library shift. I may attempt to chunkay a curry tomorrow.

Shubh Divali to my Hindu readers, a great Guy Fawkes night to the Brits, and Happy Friday to everyone else!!!

And you can get literally get that fun t-shirt here.

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